Love CBD – Where the Magic Happens

LoveCBD is one of the biggest and most reputable CBD brands found throughout the UK. Love CBD Oil is manufactured using cannabis that is grown without any harmful pesticides, chemicals or fertilisers.

All of the CBD oil that goes into the Love CBD products come straight from cannabis flowers that are grown on hemp farms throughout Europe. Love CBD works closely with the MHRA to ensure they stay within strict legal guidelines and were a founding member of the Cannabis Trades Association – a cannabinoid centric trading association that works to promote hemp products across the UK.

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Love CBD Product Range

CBD Entourage Oil

Love CBD have taken the idea of the various different cannabinoids working in synergy and brought it to the next level. They have scoured the planet to find a balance of different strains to source their hemp extract from. They have carefully tuned this cocktail of different cannabinoids to assist in producing something called ‘the entourage effect’.

Love CBD’s Entourage Oil has been carefully formulated to contain a broad range of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBGA and CBC. They also boast of the large number of terpenes contained in their entourage range.

The hemp extract comes from pesticide-free European farms and they use only the finest olive oil as their CBD’s carrier oil. Like all Love CBD products, it’s vegan and lactose friendly and comes in a handy spray bottle that can be taken sublingually(under the tongue).

Dutch CBD Oil

Love CBD’s range of “Dutch” CBD oil is, as you may have guessed, CBD oil sourced from hemp extract in the Netherlands. They have selected premium quality cannabis and hemp farms to supply this range meaning you get a little taste of Holland and all the cannabis/hemp experience that goes with it.

Again, Love CBD only use organic cannabis and hemp farms to create their Dutch CBD Oil meaning it’s also vegan friendly too.