CBD Vaping Pens

In this day and age vaporisers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, designs and features. Whether you are looking to vape traditional e-liquids or even dry herbs, there is a CBD vape pen out there for all! With the emergence of CBD, so too we have seen the emergence of CBD vape e-liquids.

Why a CBD Vape Pen?

CBD e-liquids are not too dissimilar to regular e-liquids but come with the added benefit of CBD. For a lot of people, vaping with a CBD vape pen is also the most affordable option. We then also have a massive cross-over of smokers or ex-smokers that are looking for viable alternatives. Time to step up to the podium, CBD vape pens. Whether you are looking for a sturdy and reliable CBD vape pen that will last you a few years or a simple and easy to use disposable CBD vape pen - we have it all at CBD Village. Vaping CBD is the most convenient and quick way to get CBD into your system and with the very best CBD vape pen, this process is made all the simpler.

CBD Oil: What Is It?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the dozens of active natural chemicals that can be found in cannabis. Cannabidiol is the second-most common cannabinoid behind THC. Depending on the strain of the plant, CBD can account for up to 40% of a given cannabis plant.

Does CBD Produce a High?

Our top priority in any discussion of CBD is to stress the fact that CBD and its derivatives (like e-liquid) will not get you high. CBD is extracted from hemp strains that are cultivated under EU law, never exceeding more than 0.2% THC content. E-liquids made from CBD do not affect your mind, body, or behaviour in any negative psychoactive way. If your aim in vaping is to get high, you need an e-liquid that delivers high levels of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. You won't find THC liquids in our store, though, because THC products are listed on the UK's controlled drug list -- illegal to sell or purchase. So whilst you could use a CBD Vape Pen for this purpose, it's not something we support.

Is It Legal to Buy and Use CBD in the UK?

UK law now recognises CBD oil products as novel food products. The substance has been studied extensively, and the quality and safety of CBD in the UK are now guarded by reasonable standards to protect customers' health. Thus, legally-sold CBD goods available in the UK are currently classified as food supplements rather than medicines. So it's safe to say the CBD vape pen is legal to use in the UK.

Are There Any Adverse Side Effects to CBD?

While further study is required to determine the potential long-term negative impact of CBD, there are already many short-term trials demonstrating that its negative effects are minimal. Adults can tolerate a range of different CBD doses with minimal adverse effects. No study has yet shown any link between CBD and negative changes in the nervous system, vital signs, or mood of those using it. So it should be safe to use a CBD vape pen wherever you are. Some users do report incidental effects including minor fatigue and appetite changes.

Why Do CBD and Vaping Go So Well Together?

Vaping CBD with a vape pen is growing more popular with incredible speed, and the sub-section of the market dealing with high-quality CBD oil products is growing even faster. One reason for this burgeoning consumer interest is that research suggests that CBD vaping is an effective way to beat nicotine addiction. Addictive Behaviours has shared a pilot study showing that CBD vaping was linked to a reduction in cigarette smoking without any subjects reporting added nicotine cravings. Inhaling CBD vapour via a vape pen or CBD starter kit introduces an all-natural plant extract to your lungs, where it rapidly enters your bloodstream and eventually travels to your brain. This is perhaps the fastest way (except intravenous injection) to get an effective dose of CBD to your nervous system.

What's the Right CBD Strength to Start With?

When you take up vaping as a way to help you give up tobacco, experts recommend matching the nicotine concentration of your vape liquid as closely as possible to the amount you typically smoke. You can then work your way down. With vape juice containing CBD, though, the recommended practise for finding your dose works the opposite way. You should start with the lowest available dose of CBD oil. CBD takes effect almost immediately when you use vape pens, so it will not be hard to tell whether or not a given dose works. Take care to evaluate the effects of a given dose carefully before you take more. You don't want to drive your tolerance up too quickly.

Understanding CBD Potency

CBD vapour products that are derived from isolate or broad-spectrum CBD oils will be entirely free of THC. That means that they will not have any intoxicating or hallucinatory effects, despite delivering the highest percentages of CBD. CBD products purchased in regions where recreational cannabis use is legal will often deliver an equal amount of THC and CBD. While such products do not have as intense an effect as a THC-focused oil, they will get you high. You need to have a clear understanding of this distinction when reading product labels. CBD flower packaging is always explicit about concentrations of both THC and CBD. Terpene percentages are also showing up on labels with increasing frequency. CBD oil cartridges will usually include a description of their oil source that can help you understand the product's potency: isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum.

Can You Overdose on CBD?

At a medical cannabis conference in America in 2016, the assembled experts were unambiguous about the safety of therapeutic cannabis. They stated that up to that date, there had still not been a single credible case of death linked to overdosing on cannabis or any of its component compounds. There is extensive research verifying that CBD's toxicity is absolutely minimal. There was, for example, a study on monkeys conducted in 1981 that the LD50 (lethal dose) for CBD was 212 mg per kg of body weight. That data point suggests that a human would have to consume hundreds of times as much CBD as users typically take in a day (the average daily dose is 30 mg), all during a very short time.

Which CBD Brands Are Trustworthy?

Sadly, there have been cases of CBD products sold under deceptive labelling, with the product failing to deliver the advertised quantity of CBD. There have also been reports of contaminants and synthetic ingredients which can have a variety of unwanted effects, including an unwelcome and uncomfortable sort of high. The good news is that consumers today have many different trustworthy CBD brands to choose from. These are products created under strict quality control standards to ensure their safety and potency. CBD products are always going to be suspect unless you're getting them from a trusted producer. Trustworthy manufacturers stand behind their brands and publish lab tests on their products conducted by reliable third-party ISO labs. Reputable brands also tend to be those that garner overwhelmingly positive reviews from both consumers and professionals.

What Can We Learn From Lab Tests?

Lab testing seeks to establish several very important properties of a CBD product. These include CBD content, THC content, contaminants, and residual solvents. The most trustworthy lab reports are those conducted by a credible lab within the last nine months. Lab reports can often look intimidatingly complex, but never fear! The CBD and THC levels you're looking for typically appear in bold. Most lab reports will list 'Max Active THC' and 'Max Active CBD' measured in many different ways. Overall percentages, mg per bottle, and mg per ml can all be useful when you're calculating dosages.

Are There Any Alternatives to Using CBD Vape Pens?

While there are many effective ways to take CBD, vaping is one of the best. Alternative methods include CBD drinks, tinctures, CBD capsules, edibles, and CBD powder. Crystal powder is usually 99% pure CBD, making it ideal if you want to make your own edibles such as lollipops. The powder can be dissolved into oil or butter and then used in any recipe. CBD vape pens and CBD starter kits can even be used without relying on e-juice. CBD concentrates and raw hemp can be vaped. Lastly, because most CBD vaping products are prepared using food-grade ingredients, you can even take them orally. The most important thing to bear in mind, though is that that principle can't be reversed. You can't load a CBD tincture into a vape.

What Benefits Can I Get From CBD Vape Pen and E-Liquids?

CBD e-liquid produces a great deal of satisfaction when you vape it, and it has a strong relaxing effect. Vaping CBD juice using a vape pen can make it significantly easier to kick a smoking habit and transition to a healthier lifestyle. This has tremendous benefits, both for your health and your finances. If CBD can help you overcome nicotine addiction, it does a tremendous service for you. There are lots of different stories going around (particularly online) about the effectiveness of vaping CBD via a CBD vape pen on this or that health issue. Most of these are personal anecdotes without proven scientific backing. This is one of the reasons we do not promote the use of CBD vape pens for medicinal purposes. We sell CBD products for their relaxing, non-psychoactive effects. The key benefits offered by cannabidiol e-liquids include:
  • Making it easier to rest and relax
  • Assisting you in reaching your well-being goals
  • Encouraging feelings of comfort and/or satisfaction

Need More Information?

Hopefully, this guide answers many of our customers' common CBD vape pen questions. If you have questions or concerns that weren't addressed, though, we'd be happy to provide answers and further information. Feel free to contact us and we'll do everything we can to help you. If you enjoyed this, we'd invite you to take a look at the range of CBD drinks we stock such as tea and coffee.
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