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CBD sparkling drinks are a fun and convenient way to get a refreshing CBD daily fix. Most brands offer no preservatives, low sugars, and delicious flavours. CBD-infused drinks can be enjoyed as a daily pick-me-up or moment of calm that can last for up to 8 hours depending on your tolerability. 

Often loaded with additives and sugar, most conventional sparkling drinks give you a sugar rush without any beneficial nutrients. CBD drinks offer an alternative to the market. They are a healthier option to ensure you are getting some essential vitamins and minerals with the same fizzy experience – but less of the bad stuff. For versatility, our range offers a variety of cans or bottles sold in packs of 12, 24, or various sizes. Take a look at our range of nourishing CBD sparkling drinks below.


CBD sparkling water can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a recipe with your favourite spirit. Enjoy a reviving cocktail with added mixed fruits and your new favourite CBD-infused drink on ice. Flavours range from tangy pineapple, lime, lemon, and creamy Piña Colada.

For those of us who would love a tasty treat option for CBD, sparkling drinks offer a familiar and delicious way to quench your thirst. 

What Does CBD Do in Drinks?

CBD can be said to relax and calm the body and mind, offering you a moments peace during a hectic day. When digested through our daily diets, CBD can create a quick or slow release. CBD effects can last for varying lengths of time and be felt at different intensities, depending on the individual.

Many brands have developed CBD-rich products ranging from conventional oils, tinctures, and capsules. Perhaps more unconventional, are CBD-infused edibles and drinks. 

Many people choose to take CBD in this way, as a strong taste of hemp is not enjoyable for some individuals. As well as that, many people choose to smoke or vape CBD, which is undesirable for some. 

CBD-infused drinks offer a fun, flavoursome, and healthier alternative to harmful, sugar-loaded carbonated drinks and allow you to enjoy a hydrating experience. You will find all of our brands offer natural and low-sugar botanical alternatives to regular fizzy drinks on the market with added CBD.

What Is the Best CBD Sparkling Water?

At CBD Village, we’re committed to bringing you the best CBD products out there. Our CBD sparkling water range showcases various brands offering tasty diet-friendly drinks that are growing in demand. 

Calm CBD Lemon & Lime CBD Sparkling Water contains 10 mg CBD per can and contains only 7 calories per can! With an all-time favourite flavour of lemon and lime, Calm CBD uses natural apple from concentrate to create their healthy sweet tasting drink. The brand offers a sleek and slim can that boasts a stylish aesthetic and taste.

Little Rick CBD Sparkling Piña Colada Drink offers a punching 32 mg CBD per can with a similarly punching flavour. Strictly only natural flavours and sweeteners, Little Rick uses cannabidiol, British beet sugar, and pineapple juice from concentrate to create their sparkling treat.

BumbleZest CBD Tonic Water uses 10 mg of CBD per bottle with a vegan-friendly and low-calorie formula. Natural flavours include lemon, ginger, cinnamon, and maple syrup to be used as a solo drink or the perfect mixer. With no preservatives, GMO, or gluten, this CBD sparkling drink is a leading option. 

BumbleZest Fuel + Focus Sparkling Water is the best energy boost option available with added green coffee bean extract, yerba mate, and matcha green tea extract for a kick in the right direction. Conventional energy drinks are usually filled with harmful additives, chemicals, and sugars – enter BumbleZest CBD for a much healthier option to help you throughout your day.

Does CBD Sparkling Water Work?

Absolutely! We’ve seen many products come our way, and select only the finest brands who provide the best options available to consumers using high-quality ingredients and tried and tested recipes.

Depending on your experience, tolerability, and metabolism, CBD sparkling water may affect each individual at different levels and for different lengths of time. Make sure to take note of the added CBD content in each can from whatever brand you choose, as many will state a different potency. 

For beginners, we suggest starting with a smaller mg dosage and working your way up once you build tolerability. Maybe enjoy your very first CBD sparkling drink in the comfort of your own home for your own peace of mind.

What Drinks Have CBD in Them?

CBD drinks can come in many forms such as familiar and popular CBD-infused teas, coffees, and hot chocolates that are often enjoyed as a warming comfort. 

As the perfect breakfast go-to, CBD teas come in pre-packaged tea bags or loose teas much like any other herbal tea and are generally a favourite amongst CBD lovers. Depending on your desired taste, it’s up to you how long you’d like to let the tea infuse with the water (you will still get all the benefits). 

With brands such as Body and Mind, Plant of Life, and Equilibrium, you are sure to find a tea that tickles your fancy. 

CBD infused coffee tends to be used as an added bonus to your morning cup and provides an additional herbal energy kick. CBD coffee can come in a whole bean, filter, or instant option, with some brands offering miniature coffee shots. 

We stock tonnes of CBD coffee options with Cannacoffee, Canndid CBD, Equilibrium, and Hempresso as some leading brands, to name a few.

Drinks infused with CBD (and CBD edibles in general) are considered a brilliant way to unwind and shut off for a few minutes or give you a burst of focus – that feels more like a tasty treat rather than having to remember to take a capsule. If that’s not enough, your body will thank you for feeding it and encouraging a good wellness routine. 

Growing in popularity are refreshing and cooling CBD sparkling waters (flavoured or unflavoured), non-sparkling CBD water, CBD smoothies, or CBD juices that may also be a more convenient on-the-go option.  

As a suggestion, the above CBD teas could also be converted into iced options. Just make up the recipe as per the brand’s instructions and allow it to cool a little – then pour over ice with any added favourites like a lemon wedge with mint or basil leaves for extra flavour. The same goes for coffee – enjoy as americano style or mix with your favourite choice of milk.

Do CBD Drinks Relax You?

Many people have reported that CBD helps you to relax and unwind when taken in liquid -form. As it is ingested through the stomach, CBD is released slowly and safely into the bloodstream and may allow the effects to last for longer periods of time. 

As well as that, allowing yourself the pleasure of drinking a familiar sparkling drink may also ensure that you can take a moment for yourself and relax – as some find that using capsules or oils during the busy day can overcomplicate their routine or raise unwanted questions amongst friends and family. 

All our products are compliant with UK legislation and contain no more than the legal 1 mg THC content – which means you can enjoy our CBD sparkling drinks without an intoxicating effect. 

Remember, CBD sparkling drinks are a calming option but may affect certain individuals differently depending on your metabolic rate, height, weight, and even what you ate throughout the day.

Can Dogs Drink CBD Sparkling Drinks?

It is not recommended to give any sparkling drink to pets – either containing CBD or without. There are no obvious benefits to allowing your dog to drink a sparkling beverage as these products are intended for human consumption.

Some brands may claim otherwise, but we at CBD Village implore you to proceed with caution, and we do not recommend CBD sparkling drinks for pets. 

Where to Find the Best CBD Sparkling Drinks?

At CBD Village, of course! Our range of CBD products covers all areas that you may need, ranging from oils, edibles, beauty and cosmetics, to CBD-infused drinks. 

CBD sparkling drinks are becoming increasingly popular – which means many websites and stores are itching to get their hands on the best brands and products. Essentially, the competition is high but CBD Village is a winning choice.

Our CBD drinks selection process is thorough and strict in ensuring the best products are stocked for your convenience and ease of mind. Choosing CBD Village is a no-brainer due to our high standards and enviable quality products. Rest assured, if you have heard about an upcoming brand or popular CBD treat, you’ll find it here with us.

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