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CBD drinks come in a selection of types and flavours. From a hot mug of CBD coffee in the mornings, to an iced fruit tea on warm evenings, there’s something for everyone. Plus, it’s also an extremely versatile way to quench that thirst.

At CBD Village, we stock a selection of the best CBD beverages on the market. They’re discreet, delicious, and extremely convenient. Take these drinks with you wherever you go; after all, nobody’s ever frowned on a nice cup of tea! Available in a selection of strengths, these CBD-infused options are a great way to get a dose of CBD. Furthermore, having a cannabidiol-infused drink bypasses the bitterness of a tincture.

You don’t have to fret about remembering to take capsules, or whether you have your CBD vape liquid on you. With a CBD-infused coffee, you might be far more diligent with your daily CBD dose. After all, when was the last time you forgot your morning cup of joe?

What Are CBD Drinks?

The idea of a CBD-infused beverage might be tempting, but what are they, really? Well, CBD drinks are exactly what they claim to be. They’re usually a form of beverage — from coffee to seltzer — infused with CBD.

While you might be used to a few drops of CBD in your water, these beverages really take things to the next level. As the CBD industry progresses, so too do the variety of available drinks.

These drinks contain various amounts of cannabidiol — usually in an oil or tincture. However, certain other options — like CBD-infused tea — can contain actual hemp flower in its tea bags.

What Do CBD Drinks Do?

With CBD increasing in popularity, many people now incorporate it into their wellness routines. CBD drinks are merely a more streamlined way to get your daily dose. However, CBD is an extremely versatile cannabinoid.

In fact, research indicates that CBD could have a host of benefits, as it interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS works to regulate a number of physical functions. For example, scientists surmise that the ECS can help regulate our:

  • Appetite, and feelings of hunger.
  • Memory and mood.
  • Sleep quality.

However, that’s not all. Research suggests that the ECS could play a role in pain management and forms of inflammation. When CBD enters your system, it interacts with your ECS, potentially heightening its capabilities.

Therefore, by including CBD in your diet, you could presumably improve these aspects, or feel the effects from your ECS a little faster. In this case, why not include a CBD drink or two in your wellness routine? It’s a quick, easy, effective way to get a healthy dose of CBD.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Drinks?

With so many CBD products on the market, what makes CBD drinks so special? First, CBD-infused beverages are extremely discreet. In fact, CBD coffee is often indistinguishable from normal coffee, once it’s out of its packaging.

Furthermore, there’s no tell-tale smell associated with CBD beverages. When smoking or vaping CBD, that familiar smell can often cling to your hair and clothes. However, with cannabidiol-infused drinks, you can safely consume your standard dose without fear of this.

Additionally, CBD drinks couldn’t be more convenient. Simply brew your cup of CBD tea or coffee the way you usually would. You can also opt for pre-mixed drinks, protein powders, and delicious detox delights, if you want more time-saving options.

With CBD-infused drinkables, the choice really is endless — and that’s another perk. CBD-infused beverages are extremely diverse. There really is something for everyone. Choose from CBD-infused hot drinks, to CBD seltzers, cocktails, and even CBD water!

Plus, with the smorgasbord available, you’re sure to find the perfect drink for you. Whether you’re after something on the sweeter side, the warmer side, or the more refreshing side, the choices are endless!

CBD drinks also come in a selection of strengths. Therefore, if you’re looking to try a new CBD beverage, you should be able to find an option to match the strength you currently consume.

Additionally, if you’re new to CBD, you could opt for low-strength drinks, before trying a stronger option.

How Are CBD Drinks Made?

The manufacturing process all comes down to the type of drink. This means that different drinks contain different forms of CBD. However, manufacturers generally make a beverage the way they normally would.
Therefore, this means that pre-made beverages are brewed normally. For example, a CBD seltzer or protein shake is made with food-grade products, as per usual — much like a CBD-free option. Then, manufacturers add water-soluble CBD, or a CBD tincture to the mix.

Conversely, for more hands-on drinks, like CBD tea in tea bags, manufacturers often use small bits of hemp flower and stems. When brewed in hot water, these ingredients release CBD oil, resulting in a warm, comforting cup of CBD-rich tea.

Generally, manufacturers make CBD coffee with help from master roasters. This helps infuse the beans (or ground coffee, depending on your preference) with pure CBD oil. By doing this, manufacturers can guarantee a good CBD dose, without compromising the coffee beans’ flavour profile.

You can also make CBD drinks at home, simply by adding a few drops of CBD oil to your beverage of choice. However, these drinks could taste strongly of CBD oil, resulting in an oily, unpalatable liquid. This experience could set you back on your CBD journey, so we’d recommend steering clear of this option.

Manufacturers often avoid this result by using a clear, flavourless CBD option in their products. Therefore, it’s always best to purchase CBD beverages from a reputable manufacturer — especially when beginning your CBD journey.

Do CBD Drinks Work?

Whether or not a CBD drink works depends on a number of factors. These include:

CBD drink strength. When buying a CBD beverage, look for something with a slightly higher CBD content. This is because CBD beverages operate on the same principle as edibles; they go through your digestive system, before entering your bloodstream.

Therefore, a higher CBD content means that more CBD will enter your bloodstream.
Manufacturer. As ever, when purchasing CBD products, make sure to purchase from a reputable manufacturer. Most reputable manufacturers will display Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on their website, so you can verify that the drink’s CBD content. This will also help to verify the ingredient list, so you know that it doesn’t contain any harmful additives.

Your biological makeup. Depending on several physical attributes (your height, weight, and age, for the most part), you might need a much higher dose of CBD than these drinks offer. However, you could supplement these beverages with some flavourless, water-soluble CBD.

If you’ve gone through these factors and explored each one, then your CBD drink of choice should work for you. However, it’s also important to remember that everyone reacts to CBD differently. Therefore, you might feel as though one CBD drink doesn’t work for you — but don’t give up.

You should also remember that different manufacturers make different CBD products. Therefore, if one option doesn’t work for you, don’t write off CBD drink as a whole. Instead, consider trying an alternative — until you find one that works for you!

Are CBD Drinks Safe?

Generally, CBD beverages are safe to consume. However, as with every other CBD product, there are certain things to consider before making a purchase. For example, where are you buying your CBD drinks from?
In this case, we’d recommend purchasing your CBD beverages from a reputable manufacturer. This will ensure that you’re getting good-quality CBD in every purchase. However, finding a reputable manufacturer requires a little time, patience, and research.

First, look up reviews online. This will help establish public perception surrounding the manufacturer. It’s also the best way to see whether or not the manufacturer produces good CBD products, overall.

You should also look up the manufacturer on other websites like TrustPilot and Reddit. This will help ensure that you won’t get scammed through dubious websites, or imitation CBD products.

Additionally, look up the CBD drink’s COAs. This will indicate how much CBD the drink contains, along with its other ingredients. Here, you can also establish that the drink only contains legal amounts of THC — if at all.
Generally, reputable manufacturers will list their COAs on their website. A product COA is an indication of transparency and honesty, which helps bolster the manufacturer’s reputation. Plus, COAs mean that manufacturers work with a third-party testing facility to verify their product quality.

Therefore, once a manufacturer passes your thorough research process, you can safely purchase CBD products from them. However, be sure to read through the COAs whenever you make a purchase, as each product batch can differ, depending on hemp strains, flavours, and the like!

Do CBD Drinks Help You Relax?

Research shows that CBD could have a host of benefits. While we need more research before making a solid conclusion, studies are positive. However, can a CBD beverage or two help you unwind before bed?

Well, potentially. A study from 2011 explored CBD’s effects on social anxiety disorder, and results were overwhelmingly positive. Here, scientists observed that participants treated with CBD reported a significant reduction in feelings of anxiety.

Additionally, a similar study observed the effects of CBD on people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Researchers noted that CBD could potentially aid with trauma-related feelings and memories. Furthermore, this study indicated that CBD could be far less harmful than other medication prescribed for PTSD.

In 2019, researchers explored the connection between CBD and better sleep. The study included 25 participants who reported poor sleep quality on a regular basis. Researchers administered 25 mg of CBD per participant, every day. Within the first months, 66.7% of participants reported an improvement in sleep quality.

While the results are positive, we need more research before we can positively conclude that CBD can, in fact, help with these issues. However, these accounts, coupled with anecdotal evidence from the public, indicates that CBD could be a key player in relaxation. Why not add a CBD drink to your evening routine and find out?

Are CBD Drinks Legal in the UK?

For the most part, CBD drinks are legal in the UK. However, this mainly depends on their THC content.

In the UK, CBD products must contain below 1 mg of THC, per product. This is because unlike CBD, THC is a psychoactive. Therefore, it’s considered a controlled substance in the UK.

The only way to calculate a product’s THC content is to test the batch at a third-party lab. Based on this, it’s very important to look up a CBD drink’s COA before making a purchase. This will help establish whether or not it contains legal amounts of THC.

Additionally, CBD companies in the UK now need Novel Foods Authorisation to sell CBD products. Therefore, take a moment to find out whether your favourite CBD brand has its certifications in place. By doing this, you can be sure that you’re buying CBD drinks from a completely certified, legal organisation.

When Should I Consume My CBD Drink?

CBD-infused drinks are extremely versatile. Therefore, you can have a cuppa whenever you feel like you need a CBD top-up. However, keep in mind that CBD beverages can often function like their CBD-free counterparts.

For example, most CBD coffee options contain caffeine. Due to this, a CBD-infused coffee might not be the best drink before bedtime. However, feel free to down a CBD coffee or two throughout the course of your day.

Generally, CBD-infused drinks are safe to consume throughout the day. We’d also recommend a cup of CBD coffee or tea in the morning, instead of your regular cuppa of choice. This could help you start the day off right. It could also prepare you for your daily tasks, without those caffeine jitters.

There are also caffeine-free CBD options that you can safely drink, before bedtime. In fact, why not try a CBD-infused chamomile tea. A strong cup of that, sweetened with honey, could very well lead to the best night’s sleep yet!

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