Natural CBD Oil: How To Spot The Difference

Pure Natural CBD Oil

Natural CBD Oil – The Difference Between Pure And Knock Off

The pure natural CBD oil offers various health benefits and is known to treat or cure certain ailments, however low- grade or knock off CBD oil is sure to not offer the same level of benefits along with potentially containing harmful toxins. Therefore, it is vital to understand and identify the pure natural CBD oil from the low – grade or knock off products available; particular ways to identify the difference are provided within this article.

Source of the CBD Oil

Since cannabis is a “hyperaccumulator’, it easily absorbs anything which is present within the ground; these could either be the nutrients, in case of a rich soil, leading to the resultant of pure natural CBD oil. However, if the soil contained traces of metals including mercury, lead and such, this could potentially lead to the CBD oil being unsafe for human consumption. Therefore, the difference between the pure natural oil and the knock off oil, would lie in the source of the plant from which the oil is processed.

Whole Plant

In order to further ascertain the purchase of a pure natural CBD oil in the UK, it needs to be ensured that the CBD oil is manufactured using the whole plant, which leads to the oil not only containing CBD but also the primary and secondary components of the hemp plant. Thus, making the oil product as close to its natural form as possible, and its benefits greater in comparison to using CBD alone.

CBD oil

Processing CBD

In order to attain a pure natural CBD oil, the extraction process of the CBD oil is of the utmost importance whereby the knock off’s can be identified due to their extremely low prices, as cheap methods of extractions may have been utilised. The safest method to extract pure natural CBD oil is for organic, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol to be used, as it incurs the highest amount of cannabinoids, along with being the safest method for human consumption.

Amount of THC Presence

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC is one of the cannabinoids present in both marijuana and agricultural hemp. The optimum amount of THC present within the CBD oil should not exceed 0.3 percent, for it to be classified as so, essentially a pure natural CBD oil should have the THC content as close to zero as possible.

Independent Third Party Results

Checking the independent third party results is another way to identify pure natural CBD oil, as UK companies producing quality CBD products undertake increased costs to become verified in supplying high grade CBD oil, which companies producing knock offs or low grade CBD oil are unlikely to do. These independent lab tests ensure the purity of the CBD oil, with a high level of CBD, low THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and devoid of impurities, which could potentially harm the consumer. When looking to buy CBD oil in the UK, make sure to reference this article.