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How CBD Oil Could Help With Arthritis Pain

Living with arthritis pain can be incredibly difficult. Activities that were once easy are now time-consuming and gruelling. Thankfully, with the currently available treatments, arthritis pain is easier to manage - and here's where CBD oil could help. In fact, studies show that CBD oil could play a role in...

Loud and Clear – Can CBD Control the Nerves of Public Speaking?

For some people speaking in public is exciting, exhilarating and effortless. For many others, it’s a terrifying experience and one to avoid at all costs. But it’s something that most of us will have to face at some time, maybe on a regular basis. In this situation, can CBD...

Hemp vs CBD Gummies- A UK Guide

There is often confusion between hemp and CBD gummies, as people believe they are the same. Some companies have taken advantage of this confusion, and insufficient regulation, to use the terms "hemp" and "CBD" interchangeably while labelling their products. Although CBD is extracted from hemp flowers, there can be...

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