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CBD balm UK is a topical balms, applied to the skin somewhere on the body. In the dictionary, a balm can be defined as something to heal or soothe the skin. So it differs from a CBD moisturizer or body lotion in that it’s meant to be a bit more purposeful and curative. However, not all Cannabidiol balms are the same, they can be formulated with different purposes in mind.

CBD balms absorb quickly into the skin. The idea is that Cannabidiol applied topically should enter your system through the follicular system. Cannabidiol balms are used by many people who like to maintain an active lifestyle. These balms may help with tired or sore muscles, joint pain and many other ailments. With their hydrating properties, CBD balms can be the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

Many balms contain moisture-rich coconut oil. Cannabidiol along with other cannabinoids present in full-spectrum topical CBD, cannabidiol has shown promise in relieving dry skin. Research also suggests Cannabidiol balms could potentially reduce bacteria on the skin. Hemp seed oil is an ingredient many brands are now using to enhance their products. Check out our range of CBD balms below!!


Any balm, including a CBD one, usually has specific healing and protective properties. What its purpose is, depends on the CBD balms. There are balms designed for lips, warming balms for muscles and pain and cooling and moisturising balms to soothe and hydrate your skin. Hemp balms are topical, meaning they are to be applied to your skin.

The CBD lip balm is just like any other Cannabidiol product found on the open market. It is simply a change in how it is used. CBD lip balm heals, hydrates, soothes and protects your lips. The premise is to apply balm straight onto the skin and then let it absorb. As soon as it has been absorbed, the balm begins to interact with the Endocannabinoid system.

A CBD Balm is formulated using organic ingredients from the hemp plant. It can also be mixed with coconut oil as a carrier for the hemp extract. These ingredients work in synergy to both moisturise and soothe your skin. Many of the brands we carry also include Vitamin E which helps to nourish and protect the skin and is also a powerful anti-oxidant. While the Balm is a promising solution, it is still being researched to fully understand how it works and what potential benefits it could have. This includes making sure the concentration is perfect for the body to absorb and use.

Muscle balms made with Cannabidiol deeply heals and soothes stressed overworked or strained muscles.

Full-spectrum CBD means that the balm is made with all the cannabinoids, terpenes and constituent parts of the hemp plant. It is not balm made with isolate. The idea is that cannabidiol works better in tandem with all the other ingredients of the hemp plant.

CBD oil and balms are different products. CBD is meant to be ingested or taken sublingually. A balm is a topical CBD product that goes on your skin.

CBD balm is thought to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and people use it to treat pain.

No. CBD that you ingest is purported to be an anxiolytic but CBD balm is for topical use. So, other forms of CBD are popular for stress-relief. Balms are not good for anxiety.

It has no notable side effects. Some users report feeling more sleepy or relaxed, but this could be a natural effect of the hemp balm helping to calm and soothe muscle pain, sciatica or anything else that might stress a person out.

CBD improves sleep health, but a balm is not a known sleep aid. Because it is applied to your skin. Although, if it offers you some healing or soothing, that might contribute to a better night’s sleep.

As it is applied to your skin, you can use it as much as you like. Apply liberally to soothe sore muscles.

This is not a product that is going to harm the body. It’s impossible to overdose on CBD balms. The reason has to do with how much of anything can be absorbed through the skin. Going through the follicular system is a much slower and more balanced way to use any ingredient. It’s important however when applying anything to the skin, to test a small patch of skin beforehand. This will allow you to see whether or not you are allergic to any of the other ingredients.

You should feel the effects of a CBD warming balm straight away.

You could perhaps add CBD oil or tincture to CBD products meant for your skin, but it’s probably best to buy specially-made topical CBD products if you are not an expert.

No, not if it’s for humans. You should ask a vet or look for CBD products made especially for dogs.

You could perhaps add CBD oil or tincture to CBD products meant for your skin, but it’s probably best to buy specially-made topical CBD products if you are not an expert.

It is topical, so it should be good anywhere on your body, but you are usually best off using a balm on your face if it is made specifically for the face.

The company is committed to customer satisfaction standards and sets a high bar when it comes to quality control processes. This is a team that is passionate about its inventory and puts in the effort to produce world-class batches of balm for consumers. Take the time to go through the selection of CBD product. These 100% natural balm are some of the best CBD products on the planet and are formulated using lab-tested ingredients. When it comes to the best CBD creams and best CBD balms, best cbd lip balms, it’s time to trust CBDVillage and all that it stands for.

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