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CBD Oral Spray – The UK’s Best Range Of Cannabidiol Sprays

Many users choosing to consume CBD oil in the form of a  Spray’s because they are the most convenient and most discreet way for them.  In a matter of seconds, you have consumed your favorite dosage.

Discover our diverse range of  CBD oil oral sprays below:

More About CBD Oral Sprays?

A CBD oral spray is basically regular CBD oil diluted in the way to be consumable with sprayer bottle. This doesn’t mean that they will contain a smaller % of Cannabinoids. It only means that oil inside is just diluted in proper viscosity suitable for a small pump sprayer. Besides CBD oil these sprays contain flavors depending on the manufacturer and other herbal indignities to improve digestion and flavour of the spray.

Most of the users have chosen sprays over the other consuming ways like CBD tinctures capsules, vaping, etc.

Why consumers are choosing Sprays:

  • It is a known fact that CBD Oil is absorbed the best if applied under the tongue and there is no more convenient way for applying it in that way.
  • Tinctures are choice of old-style CBD users who prefer using it in raw form but consuming in this way is not convenient at work
  • Capsules are good, but if you are consuming CBD OIL in this way, stomach acid dissolves CBD on bitt different way and most of the users are sworn fans of under the tongue application
  • Vaping CBD Oil is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD oil, but not everybody is a smoker and most of the business not allowing this kind of behavior on workplace especially in UK and EU.
  • CBD Edibles whilst convenient and also discreet, don’t offer the same level of bioavailability

How To Use A CBD Spray

CBD oral spray is one of the most convenient ways for the consumption of cannabinoids. All you need to do is to spray your favorite dosage under the tongue and keep it there for 60 seconds before swallowing.

The Different Options For Taking CBD

CBD is quickly becoming a mass-market product and as its popularity has grown, so too has the range in options for taking it. Each method has it’s own positives and negatives.

  • Tinctures –Convenient to carry around but you do look a bit odd using the dropper in public spaces.
  • Capsules – Discreet but slightly less effective than other methods.
  • Vape Oil – Works for vapers but not an option for the vast majority.
  • Edibles – A discreet option but again less effective.
  • Topicals – A range of benefits including targeted relief but not suitable for everyone.

CBD oral sprays, not to be mixed up with their topical cousins, are definitely growing in popularity and for a couple of different reasons.

CBD Spray Oil Convenience

A CBD oral spray is probably the most discreet and convenient way to take CBD when on the go. There’s no more looking like slightly odd dropping a mysterious liquid from a tincture into your mouth in a crowded train. There are no billowing vape clouds as you huddle outside your office in the rain. It’s just a simple spray that could pass for a breath freshener, simple, discreet, and easy to carry in a handbag or backpack or even pocket.

Choosing The Right Brand

Like all hemp extract products, not every brand of CBD spray strikes the correct balance between cost and quality and whilst we test the range of products we carry here at CBDVillage, not every brand will suit everyone. There are a number of things you should consider before purchasing.

Check the concentration of the CBD product before choosing. Different brands package their product in a variety of sizes and to make this more difficult, often label the CBD content of their product in different ways. Some brands give the number of mgs per bottle(100ml, 250ml, etc) whilst others give a percentage of the total volume, like 5% or 7.5%. So do take this into consideration when making a purchase.

Getting The Dose Right

People who are new to CBD, naturally, want to know the exact dosage suitable for them and how many sprays per day. This is a very difficult question to answer as each person’s body is different with different metabolic rates, different body mass indexes and we are still learning about the endocannabinoid system and how it works.

The analogy I like to use with friends and family is alcohol, how much is enough? Start slowly with a single spray under the tongue, hold the oil in your mouth for a minute and then swallow. Wait for 15 – 30 mins and judge if you wish to administer another spray. By doing this a couple of times, you’ll quickly get a feel for the right dose for you.

Whilst some brands will highlight things like ’32 daily doses’, this is an advertising trick and by no way means you ought to be taking 32 sprays per day. Find your own pattern of what works for you.

Cannabidiol Oil Spray & Bioavailability

What is bioavailability and why is it important in CBD products? Well, to put it simply, it’s the rate at which you absorb a substance. For example, were you to vape CBD, it would be much more effective as the vaporised CBD is taken into the system quicker with less overall waste of the CBD. In the same way, topically applied CBD is less effective as CBD must pass through the dermal layer, which takes longer, to be absorbed into the body. This is bioavailability, available to the body. CBD oil and spray, for many, is a nice balance between convenience and effectiveness.

The Options In Carrier Oil

You should also consider the carrier oil that is used to suspend the CBD. The option used by the vast majority of companies is MCT oil which is derived from coconut oil or palm oil. But not everyone appreciates the natural flavour of MCT oil and there are some companies trialing olive oil though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD Legal In The UK?

CBD oils and other products derived from hemp extract are legal in the UK once they have a THC content of less than 0.3%. These regulations are heavily enforced and any product which breaches this threshold will be heavily punished.

Will CBD Oral Spray Make Me High?

No, all the CBD products we carry have gone through stringent testing to ensure that they have a THC content of less than 0.3% and so, will not get you high.

Does CBD Spray Taste Bad?

This is a very subjective question, but CBD is known for its earthy taste that to many is not very pleasant. The brands we carry have all done an admirable job of masking this taste and flavouring their products to accommodate a variety of tastes. We think you’ll appreciate their work.

Will Cannabidiol Help With My Condition?

There is a growing body of evidence showing that CBD can have positive effects on a range of conditions. We have written about these extensively and invite you to review the scientific studies and judge for yourself. We are legally obliged to add that these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and we make no official medical claims surrounding CBD. A CBD oral spray is intended to be taken sublingually (absorbed underneath the tongue) and is not intended as a food or food supplement.


Our products containing less than 0.2% of THC and comply with all UK and EU regulations. If you enjoyed this, you may also be interested in our range of CBD drinks such as our coffee and tea.