CBDeaze CBD Review

CBDeaze Review

CBDeaze CBD Oil Company Review

Scientists are discovering new medicinal benefits about CBD every day which has led to an exponential demand for quality products from health conscious UK consumers.

This boom has led to an increase of CBD brands but quality suppliers are still rare.

Certain characteristics such as being organic, 3rd party lab tested, and having a reputable established presence in the market are a prerequisite to a good supplier.

There are only a handful of such companies in the UK and following an indept review we can say with absolute confidence that CBDeaze are to be included.

Who Are CBDeaze?

CBDeaze are a UK based CBD manufacturer who source organic CBD-rich hemp from established farms in Europe and America.

Since April 2016 they have been producing premium quality CBD products in their state of the art ISO 7 certified cleanroom in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

All raw materials are put through a rigorous testing process prior to production to ensure that their customers only receive products of the utmost quality.

Each batch receives a certificate of authority after which CBDeaze go one step further and perform further in house testing.

CBDeaze have a reputation for supplying world class products and to date they have over 25 premium CBD products for sale.

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What Products Do CBDeaze Offer?

CBDeaze cater for everyone from young to old and everyone in between to ensure each and every preferred method of consuming CBD is taken care of. This includes:

We know the CBD products are manufactured to the utmost standards expected but how did each taste and how well did each perform? Read on to find out what we thought.

CBDeaze CBD Tincture Oil Review

CBDeaze CBD Oil Review

CBDeaze CBD oil is a simple and easy to use CBD oil which we found had a pleasant earthy taste.

Manufactured from organically grown, full-spectrum CBD, these lab tested CBD oils are ideal for everyone, in particular those who require higher doses.

Each bottle contains numerous other non-intoxicating beneficial cannabinoids which together promote the entourage effect thereby enhancing the potency of the CBD.

Using the pipette in the bottle guarantees you an accurate dosage each time and the oils are available in a wide range of strengths including:

  • 500 mg – Low Strength
  • 1000 mg – Medium Strength
  • 2000 mg – High Strength
  • 3000 mg – Ultra High Strength

The great thing about CBDeaze CBD oil tinctures is that if you want to increase your dosage simply purchase a higher strength bottle or increase your CBD dosage.

You do not have to increase the amount you take as all bottles are the same 15 ml size just with different concentration strengths.

How to use: Simply place drops under the tongue and wait one minute before swallowing – this will allow for maximum absorption into the bloodstream.

CBDeaze CBD Capsules Review

CBDeaze Capsules Review

There are loads of things we loved about CBDeaze CBD capsules.

Firstly they are a fantastic option for those looking for 100% accurate dosing as each capsule contains exactly 10mg of CBD.

There are 20 tasteless, odourless, vegan capsules in each box which is great for anyone who may not like the earthy taste of CBD oil.

They are also easy to swallow with water as they are quite small.

CBDeaze CBD E-Liquids Review

CBDeaze CBD E-liquid Review

We loved CBDeaze CBD e-liquid range and CBD vaping products so much. They are a delicious and tasty way of getting CBD quickly into the body.

You will enjoy every single vape, all of which contain NO nicotine and so are not addictive.

The great thing about vaping CBD is that it offers an incredibly fast and efficient way of getting organic full-spectrum CBD into your system.

The lungs have a wide surface area and due to pulmonary absorption the effects are felt within seconds of inhalation.

CBDeaze offer two great options for vaping, one is a mixer which can be added to your existing favourite e-liquid without affecting the taste.

The other option is a ready made CBD e-liquid available in a range of flavours.

CBDeaze have confirmed that none of their vape products contain either nicotine or vitamin E acetate.

CBDeaze CBD E-Liquid Mixer

CBDeaze e-liquid mixer is ideal for mixing with ANY e-liquid of your choice.

You simply add a couple of drops into your vaporiser tank, vape and absorb all the goodness of CBD.

These CBD mixers are tasteless and so will not affect your personal e-liquid flavour.

Available in a wide range of strengths including 250 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg.

CBDeaze 500 mg E-Liquid Zskittlez

If you love an e-liquid with a burst of delicious tropical fruity flavour then look no further.

With 500 mg of CBD in a 10 ml bottle you will feel the effects and benefits from cannabidiol within seconds of vaping.

Also available in 250 mg and 750 mg CBD.

CBDeaze 1000 mg 100 ml E-Liquid Blue Cotton Candy

Relive those innocent days at the circus with this enticing and poignant cotton candy flavored CBD e-liquid.

A deliciously flavoured vape that will last for ages as there is 100ml of e-liquid with 1000 mg of cannabidiol.

CBDeaze 1000 mg 100 ml E-Liquid Blueberg

Enjoy the taste of summer blueberries in this sumptuous e-liquid that contains 1000 mg of pure organic CBD in 100 ml e-liquid.

This was a real favourite in the office as the vapor was so smooth with a hint of liquorice flavour aniseed on the exhale.

Also available in 500 mg or 750 mg CBD in a smaller 10 ml bottle

CBDeaze 1000 mg 100 ml E-Liquid Fruit Cocktail

If you are unsure which flavour you would prefer than we highly recommend you choose fruit cocktail.

Not just one flavour but a rainbow of mixed fruits such as raspberry, mango, strawberry and pineapple, each one tantalizing every taste bud in your mouth.

This bottle will last you for a very long time as there is 100 ml of e-liquid containing 1000 mg of potent cannabidiol.

CBDeaze CBD Bath Bombs Review

CBDeaze CBD Bath Bomb Review

Bath bombs are all the rage in the UK and for good reason. They’re not just for kids!

CBDeaze CBD bath bombs combine the power of CBD with essential oils and salts that provide you with a multifaceted range of medicinal benefits being absorbed into your skin.

CBDeaze CBD Bath Bombs – Relax

Relax and unwind with CBDeaze bath bombs relax formula which contains an intoxicating blend of lavender, patchouli and ylang-ylang which together with 100 mg of CBD give you a calming relaxing effect.

CBDeaze CBD Bath Bombs – Soothe

Enter fragrance heaven with this soothe version bath bomb which includes 100 mg of CBD, essential oils, and salts that will soothe and revitalise you completely.

CBDeaze CBD Bath Bombs – Love

Essential oils such as cedarwood and tangerine are released into the steam creating a warm, inviting and loving setting with this comforting bath bomb.

Don’t forget 100 mg of CBD entering every porous of your body to give you all those wonderous benefits.

CBDeaze CBD Bath Bombs – Focus

Unwind in a fizzing bath of lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and mandarin orange mixed with 100 mg of CBD and focus on what is important. You.

CBDeaze CBD Balms Review

CBDeaze CBD Balm Review

CBDeaze have a range of CBD balms and CBD infused body oil that are from a unique blend of essential oils and CBD.

CBDeaze Soothe Body Oil

We found this body oil great for rubbing into sore muscles after a workout and even better as a massage oil for you and your partner.

There is 150 mg of organic CBD oil blended with essential oils that provides a therapeutic release of old energy.

Ingredients: CBD, chamomile, olive oil, lavender, castor, comfrey oil, rosemary, thyme, yarrow.

CBDeaze CBD Topical Balm

Balms are great to target the site of pain or discomfort and CBDeaze have developed two fantastic products with only natural ingredients that we are sure you will love as much as we did.

CBDeaze CBD Soothe Pain Balm

CBD has well known analgesic properties and you will notice effects from this balm within 30 minutes of application.

CBDeaze CBD soothe pain balm has 50 mg of cannabidiol  infused with natures best such as wintergreen, eucalyptus, clove, juniper berry, peppermint, and salts.

CBDeaze CBD Soothe Skin Balm

Nourish and moisturise your skin with this luxury CBD balm that contains 50 mg of powerful cannabidiol.

CBDeaze CBD soothe skin balm also contains other potent natural ingredients such as witch hazel, rosemary, clary sage, chamomile, peppermint, and lavender.

CBDeaze Edibles Review

CBDeaze CBD Edibles Review

CBD Edibles are a tasty way of getting CBD oil into your diet and CBDeaze offer two fantastic products that young and old alike will love.

CBD Chocolate Leaves

You will fall in love with these delicious handcrafted Belgian chocolates each containing 10 mg of CBD.

A box contains 10 pieces and is a healthier alternative to milk chocolate.

CBD Honey Sticks

Combine the power of CBD with the antioxidant benefits of honey and together you get 10 pieces of sweet delicious honey sticks which are perfect for sharing.

What Makes CBDeaze Unique?

CBDeaze only use quality, organic, fully traceable and lab-certified cannabidiol in their products giving them an edge over most manufacturers in the marketplace.

A wide range of products allows them to influence every person in the UK so they can absorb the wonder and brilliance of CBD oil.

Where Can I Buy CBDeaze?

CBDeaze are available throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe and are stocked at CBD Village.

CBDeaze Highlights

  • 100% Organic Hemp.
  • Range Of Strengths From 10 mg to 3000 mg.
  • Independent 3rd Party Lab Testing.
  • Infused With Natural Ingredients.
  • No Pesticides, Herbicides Or Inorganic Fertilisers.
  • Wide Variety Of CBD Products.
  • GMO-Free.


CBDeaze have amassed a large following of supporters in the UK as they build a trusted brand based on the concept of only using 100% organic, lab tested CBD.

With over 25 products to choose from we are confident you too will fall in love with CBDeaze as much as we have and enjoy each and every incredible item on offer.

CBDeaze CBD products are suitable for every age group. For those who are starting slow and small you can try the edibles which contain 10 mg of organic CBD in each, whereas for people who require a high dosage, there are oils available up to an incredible 3000 mg.

There is literally something to suit every person’s unique needs.