The 10 Best CBD Oil Brands In The UK

Best CBD Oil Products To Buy In The UK 2019

The CBD scene is booming, we can all now enjoy the very best CBD products that have ever been available. Of course, the flipside of this is that the CBD industry is extremely new and we just haven’t had time to gain familiarity with the various brands that are materialising seeming every day.

Think about it, you know off the top of your head the best brands on the shelves of your local grocery store. You know the best beers on tap in your local pub, and you know the best brands of clothing. This is because you’ve had time to learn about them through reviews, advertising, or cultural osmosis. You haven’t had the opportunity to build up this knowledge with CBD. With this in mind, it’s time for us to start building this knowledge, and the first step is to get to know the brands.

Consumers in the UK are primarily buying CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD vape oil, CBD creams and CBD edibles. Demand for CBD in the UK has grown at a rapid rate in recent years. This has resulted in more CBD sellers than ever setting up shop within the United Kingdom. In this article we will break down the current top 10 CBD brands within the UK. Our picks will be based on each CBD brands quality, effectiveness, safety and overall value for money.

So without any further delay, let’s look at 10 of the most interesting brands.

Reviews Of The Best CBD Oils In The UK

Before you continue to our list of the best CBD oil brand in the UK for 2019 don’t forget to watch our Canna Trade 2019 Expo video. Canna Trade is one of Europe’s biggest and oldest hemp expos. A landmark event for the CBD world. Featuring a huge range of exhibitions, a chill out area, business lounge and after party, this year’s Canna Trade conference was a sight to behold. The event was jam-packed with amazing demonstrations and incredible, here’s a rundown of some of the best CBD products we came across.

10 Best CBD Oil Brands In The UK

#1 Provacan


Provacan are a unique CBD company that offers a range of kosher certified oils. The Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din, the largest kosher certification agency in Europe have approved their products, a rare accolade.

Their oils are made in two different concentrations, 600mg and 1200mg, allowing for a range of applications. All of Provacan’s laboratory-certified formulas have been developed with scientists and research leaders in Israel, which is the world capital of CBD research.

All of Provacan’s CBD is derived from certified organic hemp plants grown under strict conditions in Europe. Their strict controls ensure that their THC levels are sit well below the legal limit of 0.2%. All of their products are packaged with a pipette dropper for accurate measurement, optimised to make sure that you get the perfect dosage and the most effective interaction with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Provacan Pros & Cons


  • Provacan are a leading CBD brand in the United Kingdom with a great reputation and presence in several countries across the globe.
  • Provacan offer a good range of CBD options including CBD balms and CBD massage oils.
  • Provacan help to sponsor research at the Hebrew Institute of Jerusalem. The university is renowned as being one of the best cannabis research organisations in the world.
  • Provacan produce one of the best available CBD E-Liquids currently available in the UK. Provacan CBD E-liquid is one of the best options when buying CBD vape oils in the UK.


  • Provacan don’t currently offer a range of CBD edibles to buy in the UK.

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#2 Love Hemp

Love Hemp are a London based company that was launched in 2015. Since launching, they claim to be the UK’s “finest purveyor of CBD oils in the UK”, a bold statement to say the very least. Love Hemp strive to provide high quality CBD oils to UK customers searching for the very best CBD to buy.

Love Hemp has a range of different CBD strengths available to buy. The CBD strengths available are as follows:

  • Love Hemp CBD Oil 8% 10ml (800mg) – £49.99
  • Love Hemp CBD Oil 20% 10ml (2000mg) – £129.99
  • Love Hemp CBD Oil 40% 10ml (4000mg) – £269.99
  • Love Hemp CBD Oil 10% 100ml (10000mg) – £399.99

Love Hemps 40% CBD oil is impressive when you take into considerations that they’ve managed to create such a high strength CBD oil without including illegal amounts of THC which would immediately prohibit its sale in the UK.

Love Hemp have built their company around a vision to provide Europe and the UK with premium quality, ethically-sourced CBD oil. They offer full spectrum cannabinoid extracts from carefully selected, low-THC hemp plants.

Love Hemp CBD Products

Love Hemp also have a range of hemp-infused spring water, the first of its kind in Europe. Each bottle of Love Hemp Water contains 500ml of CBD-infused hemp droplets and rich in minerals. Bottles of Love Hemp CBD water sell for £1.99, we will leave it up to you to decide whether or not CBD water is an effective way of getting your daily CBD dosage.

Love Hemp also sell CBD gummy bears, CBD E-liquids, CBD liquid terpenes.

Love Hemp Water

Love Hemp Pros & Cons


  • Love Hemp offer a range of high quality CBD products to choose from.
  • Love Hemp are an established and highly regarded CBD company within the UK.
  • Love Hemp use CO2 extraction to produce premium quality full spectrum CBD Oil.


  • In comparison to other CBD brands in the UK, Love Hemp are quite expensive.

#3 Hempura CBD

Hempura CBD are one of the younger companies on this list. Established in 2017, they have rapidly become a leading CBD brand in the UK.

The Hempura CBD company philosophy focuses on a holistic customer experience. Their product’s quality and detail has set them head and shoulders above many of their competitors.

Hempura CBD has a range of different CBD strengths available to buy. The CBD strengths available are as follows:

  • Hempura CBD Oil 2.5% 10ml (250mg) – £19.99
  • Hempura CBD Oil 5% 10ml (500mg) – £36.99
  • Hempura CBD Oil 10% 10ml (1000mg) – £64.99

Hempura CBD Oil


Hempura CBD have built their business around trust and safety. They are registered with the Cannabis Trade Association, the only UK-centric cannabis trade association. The CTA works across the industry to ensure that all CBD products are safe and effective.

Hempura CBD Products

Hempura CBD also offer a range of other CBD products such as CBD vape liquid, CBD capsules and CBD edibles. For the vape aficionado, Hempura’s CBD e-liquids are the ideal choice. Hempura offer a 2.5% and 5% CBD strength broad spectrum vape liquid, which to those who don’t know what that means, it contains cannabinoids such as CBDV (Cannabidivarin) and CBC (Cannabichromene) in addition to the active ingredient of CBD.

Hempura CBD Pros & Cons


  • Highly reputable brand within the United Kingdom that provides third-party lab test results to enhance their claims.
  • Hempura CBD are renowned for their excellent customer service.
  • Hempura’s website features a knowledge centre which provides users with helpful information about all things CBD.


  • Not an overly large amount of information about the company on their website.

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CBD Life UK specialise in all-natural CBD and hemp oils, all at a wallet-friendly price They are interesting in this list in that they specifically manufacture their own line of CBD vaporizers. Vaping is a great way to take CBD as it is the fastest way to get it into your system. CBD Life also have a range of topical CBD ointments and creams available to buy in the UK.

CBD Life UK also offer a range of options for those who want to work CBD into their vitamin routine. Capsules are comfortable and easy ways to take CBD. For those of you that are looking for a different application method, then the hemp oil spray may be ideal for you.

Hemp Botanics

Hemp Botanics was founded by Nick and Lisa-Marie, pioneers of the UK CBD market. They source all of their products from USA hemp stock. Hemp Botanics have a great relationship with the UK government, the House of Lords, in particular. This allows them to ensure their products are in line with all government regulatory bodies.

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All of Hemp Botanics products are laboratory tested to ensure that they have a precise amount of CBD for accurate dosage. This testing also ensures that their THC levels are below the official standard, allowing users to enjoy CBD without any psychoactive effects.

Holistic Hemp

Holistic Hemp boast artisanal hemp, grown naturally on small farms in the EU. The cultivation process is fully biodynamic and organic, free from pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

Holistic Hemp CBD Oil

The hemp flowers, once in bloom, are handpicked and dried. Once completely dry, the hemp oil is extracted with CO2 under low pressure, and low heat conditions, allowing the resulting oil to be packed with full spectrum oil, packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Aura CBD

Aura CBD were founded on the idea that all people can create their own wellbeing, naturally. Their founder, Aura Lakshmi, discovered CBD in 2013.

Since then they have pioneered a huge range of organic CBD oil, paste, balms, and edible products. Aura CBD maintain the purity of their products by using minimal processing.

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Elixinol have set their sights on being the worldwide company of choice for CBD products. They source their products from the best industrial hemp farmers across Europe, the USA, and Australia.

Elixinol only source from farmers with the very best quality standards, ensuring Elixinol’s CBD products are high-quality from start to finish.


PureKana are a US-based CBD company. They guarantee that the products you get from them are products you can trust.

All of PureKana’s CBD products are independently tested by third party laboratories to ensure that they have a stable and consistent level of CBD. Their hemp stocks are non-GMO, organic, and pesticide free.

Love CBD

Love CBD is a small, family owned business that operates out of Suffolk in the United Kingdom. Love CBD was founded in late 2014 and soon gained international acclaim across the world. The founders of Love CBD noticed a growing marketplace in the United States as more states legalised CBD.


Fast forward to 2019, and Love CBD is now one of the biggest sellers of cannabidiol in the United Kingdom. Love CBD to continue to grow their reputation for producing high quality CBD products. They offer a range of CBD products available to buy in the UK such as oils, capsules and balms.

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