CBD Beard Oil – Will It Help Grow Your Facial Hair?

Does CBD Oil Help Beard Growth?

Beard oils have exploded in popularity in recent years as more men put down their razors and opt for a more masculine appearance. CBD oil has also grown massively in popularity across the world as legalisation of cannabis and cannabis related products becomes more normalised across the world.

So it’s no surprise that companies have decided to pair the popular products together and begin creating CBD beard oil.

Does CBD Help Your Beard Grow?

CBD Beard Oil Benefits

It’s important when any new CBD product comes onto the market that you do your research before buying. As CBD oil and CBD products become more readily available, CBD companies have started trying to cash in on various different markets. Male grooming is no different, and the release of CBD beard oils is one of the latest trends it would appear.

So, do CBD beard oils really work? and do they actually offer any further benefits when compared to regular beard oils? In this article, we discuss whether or not CBD beard oils help your beard growth.

Is CBD Beard Oil Good For Your Hair?

CBD oil has long been believed to be of great benefit when it comes to the health of your hair and the enhancement of hair growth. This is due to the fact that CBD oils are made up of full fatty acids namely: Omega-9, Omega-6 and Omega-3. This combined with the high vitamin E content increases the softness of your scalp and the strength of your hair.

CBD oil is all natural, it improves the circulation which stimulates hair growth, it moisturises and helps to heal any damage to the scalp and adds strength to the hair by allowing the protein in the hair to flourish.

How To Use CBD Oil To Help Your Facial Hair

CBD like other oils can be used directly on the hair or scalp but also in shampoos, conditioners and added to other hair oils. Add them to your daily shower and cleansing routine for the best result. CBD beard oils are a good choice for those searching for a product they can add into their daily routine. Infused with essential oils, beard lovers can ensure their beard remains smelling fresh and healthy.

Do CBD Beard Oils Make Your Beard Grow

CBD Oil & Facial Hair

So now we know that CBD oil provides what the hair needs to grow soft and strong on the scalp but what about those of us with beard goals? All those moisturising properties discussed above are just as good for the skin, increasing the blood circulation, preventing water loss and allowing a beautifully soft and moisturised beard, lessening the effects of beard itch.

If you’ve been having trouble with growing your beard, either unsightly patchiness or frustratingly slow growth, don’t give up. Facial hair, like other hair, is partly composed of keratin which has high levels of protein. The protein in the CBD oil adds to those protein levels which could help to improve the circulation and nourish the hair follicles which in turn could stimulate growth.

How To Treat Beard Itch With CBD Beard Oil

CBD Oil for Beard Growth

Adding CBD Beard oil to your daily grooming routine is a great way to ensure your beard is well moisturised and cared for. Believe me, you and your partner won’t be able to resist stroking your soft, strong, well-conditioned and moisturised beard infused with cannabidiol.