Poko – Hydrating Skincare Gift Set

Poko – Hydrating Skincare Gift Set

Poko Hydrating Skincare Gift Set products

Poko – Hydrating Skincare Gift Set


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  • Suitable for sensitive, normal & dry skin
  • Long-lasting deep moisturisation
  • 100 – 300 mg of CBD
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • THC-free
  • Made with naturally sourced ingredients
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If you want your skin to stay super hydrated for the entire day, this is the set you need to add to your skincare routine! This skincare gift set includes all of nature’s best ingredients to keep your skin fresh and moisturised.

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Poko’s Hydrating Skincare Gift Set includes:

  • Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser: CBD & botanical oils give your skin everything it needs to stay hydrated all day & night.
  • Soothing Serum: This formula combines clearing skin blemishes and hydration in one. This tea tree infused serum is perfect for every day.
  • Luxury Facial Oil: Our fragrant, vitamin-rich facial oil helps to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

This skincare gift set is combining all the essentials that should be in your skincare routine for deep moisturisation. All of these products are vegan and cruelty-free. They’re also made using naturally sourced ingredients. 

This makes it an excellent gift for just about anyone!

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