100% CBD Swiss Purity Cibdol is one of the most well-regarded brands currently in the CBD industry. All of Cibdol's CBD oils are processed and made in Swiss laboratories. Every single measure is made to ensure all CBD products are produced with precision, accuracy and transparency. Cibdol has not become one of the leading CBD brands overnight by accident. Years of experience and perfecting a product quality has ensured this brand a steady rise to the top.

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Cibdol Overview

Cibdol is a brand who has built its reputation on providing high-quality cannabidiol with complete transparency. They are committed to thorough testing to the latest standards including their compliance with an annual FSSC22000 Audit.

Cibdol has pursued a process which ensures their products meet international halal standards. Allowing Cibdol products to be enjoyed by a great variety of people around the world. To encourage other companies to embrace the working in an open and transparent way Cibdol has teamed up with Fundacion CANNA to lead the industry toward an improved reputation. The ensured quality standards are met by a process of continual testing at every step of the manufacturing procedure.

Cibdol upholds their ultra-high standards by maintaining innovative scientific methods in production. These high standards help to create the finest finished products. Add into this mix, the growing range of CBD products and you have a recipe for success.

Cibdol CBD Oil

Cibdol has a large range of different oils in various strengths so there’s a choice to suit everyone. They even have CBD oil in assorted carrier oils such as MCT, olive oil, and hemp seed oil so you can really zero in on what suits you and your body best.

Cibdol CBD Creams, Supplements & Beauty Products

The Swiss company are continually evolving the range of products they carry. They have created a selection of creams that are formulated to help soothe irritated skin. And if you are just looking for a more generalised pick me up, you might take a look at their range of supplements that include Vitamin and CBD supplements. Whilst Cibdol isn’t yet known for their beauty products, that may change as favourable reviews continue to pour in. Not the cheapest creams, balms and serums, but definitely not the most expensive either.

Cibdol CBG & CBD Oil

Cibdol doesn’t just stock great quality CBD oil but they’ve also introduced Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabinol (CBN) oil to their range recently. CBG oil isn’t backed by as much research as CBD. However, initial studies have shown that CBG may help improve the symptoms of lots of conditions. So if you are familiar with all the benefits of CBD and what to try something new, check it out.

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