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CBD Cream

CBD beauty and skincare are all the rage lately and CBD creams are a big part of this. From irritated dry skin to extremely bad acne, CBD cream has a wide range of benefits that may help with skin-related ailments. Some brands such as Cibdol target specific ailments such as eczema with their cream Zemadol, while others are just for your simple daily skincare routine such as CBDfx’s 100mg Hemp Cream 30ml CBD Lotion which is a fantastic CBD product.

CBD oil is absorbed quickly through the skin so you get the benefits of CBD much more efficiently. CBD oil is well known to reduce anxiety and it is even more well known that stress and anxiety can create wrinkles and tired-looking skin. So check out our range of CBD creams and add peace of mind to your skincare routine today!

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CBD Creams For Sale

CBD is a term that keeps popping up everywhere these days – and the beauty industry has taken note of this somewhat mysterious ingredient. But while there’s a lot to learn about CBD-based beauty products such as CBD cream, CBD need not be a mystery.

For centuries, hemp has been used as an ingredient in the world of cosmetics. This is because extracts from the hemp plant, such as hemp seed oil, are known to be rich in fatty acids and excellent natural moisturisers.

Still, while often confused, CBD is quite different from hemp seed oil. CBD introduces a myriad of skincare benefits – far exceeding those of hemp oil.

Here at CBD Village, we do not claim that CBD should be used instead of traditional medicine. More studies are needed to confirm if CBD has any medical benefits.

What Is CBD?

So, what is CBD? CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a naturally existing compound that is found in the cannabis plant family, such as hemp and marijuana. It can be from a hemp extract or a marijuana extract.

These plants have been used for centuries due to their remarkable dietary, industrial, and psychoactive properties.

However, what really distinguishes marijuana from hemp is the percentage of THC they contain. Now you’re probably asking yourself: What is THC? THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), is the primary psychotropic constituent of hemp and marijuana.

It’s what induces the “highness” side effects and it is often a controlled substance around the globe.

Hemp or industrial hemp contains 0.2% or less of THC. Therefore, you can’t get “high” from hemp. CBD extracted from industrial hemp can be created synthetically or purified to achieve over 99% purity.

Why Choose CBD Cream?

Thanks to the popularity of cannabidiol, now you can get CBD in literally all forms! You can find CBD oil, capsules, edibles, and even vaping. But when it comes to helping the user achieve the maximum effect, it’s best to use a CBD cream or balm.

Our premium quality CBD cream contains top-grade ingredients that target specific areas of the body hence allowing our customers to get the full benefits of hemp. All CBD topical creams from CBD Villages are a must-have in your cabinet.

Not only do they contain a unique formulation of beneficial ingredients, but they also have mind-blowing soothing and moisturising effects. A small amount of essential oils like coconut oil is regularly added to creams to help moisturize your skin. You will see coconut oil in a lot of CBD skincare products.

When you apply CBD to your skin, you could potentially benefit both the surface of your skin and under the skin. Other possible benefits of CBD cream are:

Antioxidant Benefits

CBD oil is a powerful antioxidant that is quite effective in fighting ‘free radicals.’ While the term ‘free radicals’ might seem like something fun and harmless, they are unstable molecules that could cause damage to proteins, DNA, and cells in the body and are even linked to ageing.

So, where do they come from? Free radicals are often a result of exposure to toxins, yes, the kind of toxins one bumps into every day, such as alcohol and pollution.

Antioxidants prevent free radicals from causing oxidative stress. Due to its excellent antioxidant properties, CBD cream prevents drying of the skin and fends off signs of ageing.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

When the body detects foreign substances such as toxins or if it’s injured, it reacts by triggering an inflammatory response. Sadly, inflammatory responses often cause swelling, chronic pain relief, and redness.

And if the cause of the inflammation isn’t addressed, the inflammation could end up attacking healthy cells. This is where ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties come in; they help prevent, reduce, and manage the symptoms and damage caused by inflammation.

Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, it is used for skin conditioning, which means that when you apply CBD, it helps keep the skin soft, supple, smooth, and healthy-looking.

Our bodies have what is called an ECS system (endocannabinoid system) that controls things like mood, appetite, and sensations like pain and pleasure. Cannabinoids like CBD and THC can start up our body’s ECS systems when they bind to cell receptors in muscle tissues, the skin, or nerves.

Why Shop For CBD Topical Cream Online?

As demand for CBD oil continues to explode, the CBD oil industry has transformed into a behemoth that is predicted to hit 963 million pounds in 2024. As a result, the CBD market is crammed with companies offering CBD oil.

While having a variety of products available is beneficial to customers, the influx of companies has created room for second-rate products in the market.

We highly recommend that you do some digging of your own before buying any CBD cream and make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable brand.

Here at CBD Village, we recognise how crucial it is for our clients to receive nothing short of top-tier CBD topicals. We have come up with an all-inclusive CBD cream that is suitable for a variety of uses.

We always put quality first before quantity, and that is why we only offer a selected number of products to our clients.

At CBD village, we aim to become the best CBD cream brands on the market, offering premium-quality full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. We continually work to create improved CBD goods, and we are committed to complying with industry standards.

Everything our production team does is aimed at ensuring that you, the customer, get the high-grade products. Still sceptical or uncertain? Feel free to read the reviews on our website.

Do you have questions regarding our CBD oil? If you do, we’d be glad to answer them and provide you with all the info you need.

How To Use Topicals

Using CBD oils or taking edibles is quite different from using topicals. When using CBD cream, you’ll be applying it directly to specific areas and then rubbing gently on the skin. Typically, customers will apply topical  or CBD cream on the following areas:

  • Knees
  • Wrists
  • Other areas with joint pain

How often can one use CBD cream? You’ll be glad to know that CBD can be used daily. Whether you’re interested in CBD cream or other CBD skincare products on our CBD Village site, remember: selling high-quality CBD is our forte!

After buying your CBD, make sure to always store it well in a cool and dry place that is out of reach of children. If there’s anything you don’t understand on our site, don’t be shy or reluctant to contact us.

But for now, take this opportunity to browse through our broad collection of CBD edibles, oils, and creams.

Choosing A CBD Cream

Shopping blindly for CBD can be overwhelming. So do your research to help you know your way around CBD products. This way, you can tell if a product has been tested and if it contains a measurable amount of CBD. Here’s what to check when choosing CBD topicals.


The first thing to check is the potency. How potent is the cream? Given the fact that it takes time for CBD to pass through the skin, it’s crucial that choose a potent CBD cream for the best results.

The Source Of CBD

You’ve probably come across terms like full-spectrum, isolate, and broad-spectrum. Well, these terms are used to refer to how CBD is extracted.


These are great for customers who don’t want any traces of THC in their products. The isolation extraction method gets rid of volatile organic compounds such as terpenes and other cannabinoids hence reducing the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil.


These contain a majority of cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. However, they don’t contain THC.


These preserve all terpenes and cannabinoids. Note that full-spectrum products from hemp contain 0.2% or less THC.

With these products being categorised as ‘wellness’ products, it’s up to the customer to confirm that manufacturers are actually selling what they are saying they are on the container’s label.

One study conducted in November 2017 found that after testing 84 CBD products sold online (with respect to CBD), 43% contained a higher concentration than indicated on the label, 26% had less, and only 31% had accurate labelling.


It’s always wise and more beneficial to go with all-natural ingredients whenever possible – you’ll enjoy the full benefits of the CBD cream ingredients minus the chemicals. Most CBD goods will have a variety of essential oils in them.


A good number of creams cost between £30–£50. Watch out for CBD topicals that sell for over £150; you don’t want to be taken for a ride. While purchasing a £150 product might make sense for you, do some research to be sure before coughing up the extra cash.

Check their potency. Do they contain additional healing oils or herbs? Do they have full-spectrum CBD?

What’s The Difference Between Topical And CBD Cream?

There isn’t much difference between topical and CBD cream except, of course, the terms themselves. The term ‘topical’ means a substance that is applied to the body surface.

Here at CBD Village, all our topical CBD products are designed for use on the skin, and are NOT for oral consumption!

How Are These CBD Creams Better Than Others?

Every product sold at CBD Village constitutes of cannabidiol extracted from high-grade organically grown hemp. Our topical CBD products also contain ingredients that help you leverage the full benefits of each product.

Here at CBD Village, we don’t cut corners, and we make sure that our products are the best CBD cream on the market. We never sell sub-par products or products we don’t believe in!

I’ve Never Used A CBD Cream Or A CBD Topical. What Can I Expect When I Use One For The First Time?

Many of our clients buy CBD topicals to get a more target-specific exposure of the cannabinoid since creams and topicals are applied to specific areas of the body.

All our CBD products are made from premium-grade ingredients extracted from organically grown hemp. Other ingredients used in making our creams are designed to have a long-term soothing effect on your skin.

Are you worried that using our CBD topicals will get you ‘high’? Don’t be! You’ll never ever have to get worked up about getting ‘high’ with our CBD products.