Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review

Vapir Rise

Vapir RiseThe Rise is a relatively new plug-in vaporizer from the folks over at Vapir (the makers of the N02 portable). After receiving a unit courtesy of Vapir, I anxiously unpacked it and started playing around with it to see how it performs (with some high-quality bud of course!). My unit came with everything you need to get started with vaporization and then some. Included in the box, I found a balloon attachment, a whip attachment (plus multi-user whip, more on this later), a power cord (with no external power brick which was nice), herb trench, screens, filters, and instruction manual with clear guides on how to set everything up.


The multi-person whip attachment was really cool

Stylistically, the unit reminds me of the Arizer Extreme Q (a stainless steel cylinder with the vapor path coming out of the top), but with a few changes. Firstly, the unit has no external power supply brick, which I like as it saves space. Secondly, the materials used for the herb trench were primarily stainless steel and heat resistant materials (unlike the glass on glass connections of other vapes like the Ascent and Extreme Q), and and I did not smell any off gassing from any of the pieces. The included whips are also heat-resistant silicone, and its both flexible and easy to clean (see my article on why you should switch to silicone tubing if you haven’t done so already!).


Vapir Rise Parts

The connections on the unit were versatile, and they allow you to switch between several vaporization options rather quickly (balloon system, whip, multi-whip). The balloon system was very easy to setup (unlike the Extreme Q), and it reminded me of the Volcano’s Easyvalve system, allowing me to fill bags of vapor simply by affixing the proper attachment. Although I’m not a huge fan of bags for personal use (I like using whips at my own pace!), filling a bag is pretty great when you have a group of friends over. The herb trench is quite spacious and can be locked into place, providing added security against accidental drops (I’ve broken more than one Extreme Q cyclone bowl because of them accidentally coming loose).


The balloon system was super easy to setup

There’s no remote control like the Extreme, but the Rise was very easy to operate using the unit’s interface. There was also a digital LED temperature gauge, making it easy to choose your preferred vaporization temperature up to 400F (about 205C). The buttons on the unit are touch activated (much like those on my Sony PS3), and they are very responsive. The herb chamber was quite large, and I was able to fit a lot of bud in (almost 2 grams!) during my session. The unit heated up very quickly once I set my desired temperature and pressed the heat button (which turned from green to red once the unit was fully heated up). In whip mode, the Rise produced a lot of vapor at the lowest fan speed and highest temperature setting, and I didn’t find the vapor to taste harsh at all. Balloon mode was solid too, and with the unit’s fan turned up, I was able to fill up a bag full of vapor with ease. The unit was also very efficient and I was able to get a surprising number of hits out of a single bowl. Make sure to let the unit fully cool down before you try refilling the herb chamber, as it can get very hot to the touch! In my experience, it took a good ten to fifteen minutes for the bowl to cool down enough that I could swap it out (but the trench does come with a special holder you can place it in which helps to speed cool down times).


The rise comes with two HEPA filters you can use

One aspect in which the Rise shined is in the special attachment which allows up to three whips to be attached (like a hookah). This addon is great for vaping with friends (especially if you have a germophobe in your group!), and its really cool when everyone can take puffs at their own pace. Another one of my favorite features on the Rise is its HEPA filter system (my parents use a HEPA system in their house for my mom’s asthma) located at the bottom of the unit (there’s a slot where you can insert the included filter). With a higly effective HEPA system to filter out any particles in the air intake, I noticed that vapor tasted very clean and pure. Although the filter may be a little overkill for the average user (not in my opinion though!), I feel that it is an especially important feature for medical marijuana patients who need to consume their medicine in as sterile an environment as possible.

Vapir Top

Vapir Top

Although the Rise has a number of cool features, one thing that I didn’t like about it was the fact that the fan would automatically turn on when you press the heat button (even in whip mode). I prefer being able to keep a constant heat and take puffs at my leisure (like with the Extreme Q), as some vapor is  wasted by the constant fan movement. The upside is that the warm-up is quite fast once the unit is on, so I could reach vaporization temps after about 7-18 seconds once I pressed the heat button. However, once I got the hang of how long to keep the unit heated, I had an easy time taking large hits!


Plenty of space for bud in the herb chamber!

Overall, I really enjoyed the Vapir Rise, and I feel it serves as a great one-stop vaporization solution (providing you don’t need portability). Not only is the Rise durable, but it also boasts rapid warm-up times, is versatile with its interchangeable whip or balloon system (plus group whip!), accurate digital temperature gauge, and HEPA filter. With all these handy features, I can definitely see myself turning to the Rise as my daily at-home vape! If you have any questions about the Rise, feel free to contact me and I’ll make sure to get back to you! Also stay tuned for a Vapir Rise cleaning guide within the next few weeks (so I have time to get the unit dirty enough to clean!).