Eliminate Vaporizer Smells With A HEPA Filter

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A Sharp air purifier

One misconception people tend to have about cannabis vaporizers is that they produce no smell. Although cannabis e-liquids don’t have any smell, regular herbal vapes gives off a fairly strong smell of fresh bud which soon transitions to an aroma of slightly burnt popcorn as your bowl nears an end (there’s no tar or ash, but the smell usually lingers for about thirty minutes after my vape sessions depending on air circulation). In general, desktop vapes tend to smell stronger (as they produce more vapor than portables do), and this can make vaping indoors a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there exists a fairly cheap solution to the problem (if you’d like to vape in a closed space such as a room in an apartment) by purchasing an air purifier. Most filters work by having a fan push air through the filter, which in turn reduces the odorous compounds given off by vaporizing cannabis. When choosing an air purifier, I recommend getting one with a high efficiency particle filter (HEPA) as these models can filter over 99% of particles from the air, leaving your room clean and fresh even after a heavy vape session!

For those of you who are on a budget, I recommend picking up this inexpensive Holmes unit. With a HEPA-like filter, the purifier can remove up to 99% of airborne particles, including those created by vaping. This model works well for rooms up to 10’x11′ (109sq ft) and has three speeds depending on how fast you’d like to filter the air. If you’re someone who has a little bit more money to spend, the Hamilton Beach 04383A is a great highly rated desktop air purifier. Moreover, the Hamilton uses a true reusable HEPA filter which can be cleaned with a quick vacuum session and works well for rooms up to 160 square feet.

Once you checkout and then choose the purifier of your choice, set it up in your room and turn it on maximum while you have your vape session. Vape close to your air purifier, and make sure to exhale any vapor close to the air intake of your purifier so that you filter as much as possible. Moreover, I recommend taking a peek at my article which covers the basics of stealth vaping so that you can learn how to reduce the smell of your vaporizer or vape pen in situations where an air purifier is not available!