Tommy Chong Says, “CBD is Going to Change The World’

Tommy Chong and CBD

Up in Smoke – this time it’s CBD

One half of the legendary Cheech & Chong, Tommy Chong has went from actor to comedian and from a cannabis right’s activist to entrepreneur. If this journey doesn’t ring a bell you might also recognise him as Leo from “That 70s Show’. Chong is also a massive advocate for marijuana and goes as far as to say that CBD is going to change the world.

Tommy Chong and CBD

Chong Backs CBD Oil to be the difference Maker

In a recent interview Chong said that he was surprised how complicated it was to get to where we are now with cannabis legalization. And now that legalization is slowly moving, a lot of people are trying to cash out on it. This is exactly what the 80’s star did with his own personal line of cannabis and CBD products, Chong’s Choice.

“I mean marijuana is really hot right now, but the product that is really going to change the world is CBD”, says Chong. And, this is exactly what Chong’s Choice is invested in. Chong has said that the best thing about CBD is that there are absolutely no limitations, it can even be sold in drugstores. The Canadian and American actor is probably referring to supermarket giants CVS and Walgreen’s recent venture into the world of CBD.

Chong claims that CBD oil works well on a number of levels and health wise it is safe. Although, we don’t know everything about CBD we do know that it’s non- toxic and that there have been no known cases of overdose. He also compares CBD’s health benefits to that of marijuana.

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CBD the equal opportunity drug

“Marijuana itself is probably the healthiest sleep aid on the market. The new face of marijuana is going to be old ladies who take it every night so that they can go to sleep. Even in China, 5,000 years ago were prescribing it for menstrual cramps. Marijuana is an equal opportunity drug, everyone is using it, everyone benefits from it”.

Chong and many others also see CBD and marijuana as an effective alternative medicine to opiods. The US is said to be in the middle of an opioid and drug crisis which sees hundreds of people daily brought into the emergency rooms. It is estimated that half of overdoses and drug related illness are from opioid drugs.

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CBD and cannabis treatment is exactly how comedian Chong claims he overcame both prostate and colorectal cancer. One study suggests that cannabis in fact has the ability to kill prostate cancer cells. Research suggests it can stop them from spreading and at the same time, protect the normal and healthy cells.

One of our all time favourite scenes, take it away Tommy…