Check Out One Of Ireland’s First Ever CBD Cafés

CBD Cafe in Galway City

Little Collins CBD Cafe Is A Fine Addition To Galway’s Business & Cultural Landscape

CBD Village visited Little Collins Cafe in the heart of bustling, bohemian Galway City, western Ireland last week. While we spoke to owner JP O’Brien, it was obvious from the cross section of people browsing and buying CBD products and choosing to spend time in the shop, that the business has a great community appeal.

Organic CBD Products Aplenty

During our chat on the banks of the Corrib River flowing through the city, it was easy to appreciate what O’Brien meant when he said the energy in Galway was right for the business.

At Little Collins Cafe, you can purchase full spectrum CBD oil, and there are CBD coffees, CBD teas and homemade CBD edibles for your delight.

JP O’Brien says the healing qualities of CBD are now well-known and he hopes that more and more regulation will make the industry just like any other in time.

You can watch our full interview with owner JP O’Brien below, however we do warn you, this video will leave you wanting to visit Galway immediately after viewing.

Importance Of Legal Clarity Surrounding CBD In Ireland

The week after CBD Village’s visit to the premises, Mr. O’Brien’s business was subjected to an all too common experience for retail owners in the sector – a police raid.

Such stories are commonplace across the western world as regulators struggle to provide clarity to law enforcement in the area of CBD. Mr. O’Brien, in an interview with CBD news site The Extract said legal experts need to clarify the law and protect legitimate business owners from overzealous police attention.

Many countries are looking to the EU for direction on what to do with CBD and recent discussions have yet to filter down to the Irish police force. Let’s hope it does and soon.