CBD For Runners

CBD For Runners

Bruce Lee called running ‘the king of exercises’, and he had a point, it has been found that runners tend to live around 3 years longer than non-runners. Each hour of running translating into seven extra hours of life. How’s that for a pitch for running?

Now that you’re converted you’ll no doubt want to find out how you can get the very most out of running, and how you can cut down on your recovery time. The best way to do this is with CBD.

Runner’s High

CBD is a cannabinoid, and this family of chemicals has a major role to play in a runner’s body. A ‘runner’s high’, the feeling of euphoria that comes to experienced runners, is what happens when the cannabinoids in your body interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The cannabinoid responsible for this addictive buzz is known as anandamide. When it floods your system you feel in the zone; in short, if you’re a serious runner then you are probably chasing as much anandamide as possible

CBD doesn’t directly bind to your ECS like anandamide does. What it does instead, is counteract the enzyme known as amide hydroxylase. This fatty acid breaks down anandamide, limiting its effects. CBD reduces the amount of amide hydrolase in the ECS, which means that you can enjoy the runner’s high for much longer.

The anti-seizure properties of CBD may also be able to stop muscle spasms mid-run. Dosing yourself with CBD oil before a run, may make the difference between a good run, and a great run!


All the gains you enjoy from exercise happen in your down time. Recovery is such an important part of your body’s development. When you exercise you actually damages your muscles (anyone who has ever woken up wracked in pain after a intense session can attest to this). When your muscles heal, it increases the strength and amount of the muscle fibers in your body.

More research needs to be done but studies suggest that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help your muscles heal in a short space of time, reducing your recovery period and allowing you to see more gains in a shorter space of time. On top of this, the pain killing effects of CBD will allow you to cope with the post-workout aches and pains that can prove to be somewhat demoralising.

Finally, CBD may help you enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep; which is vital for overall wellness. Being well rested will have a knock on effect on your life as a whole; from your running to your work and social life.