What Happened With The Montel Williams CBD Scam?

What Happened With The Montel Williams CBD Scam?

Montel Williams CBD

Montel WIlliams, actor, tv personality, and talk show host has found themselves as the victim of a scam. He has received dozens of complaints surround his line of cannabis oil products, he feels that these complaints aren’t about his products and that he doesn’t deserve them.

Montel Williams blames Arizona Business man, Tim Isaac for using his “likeness” to advertise inferior CBD products

Williams is claiming that online ad for inferior products that are using his image unauthorised. These products are unrelated to his brand and inferior. Williams is understandable fighting back. He filed a federal complaint in Florida to put an end to the unauthorised use of his likeness. He claims that the adverts can be traced back to a Phoenix businessman called Tim Isaac.

Tim Isaac is the manager several companies based in Arizona. Williams is accusing him of using his image without permission to hawk his inferior cannabidiol products. At least 10 of Issac’s products were marketed with William’s likeness.

Tim Issac is a retired weightlifter who is known as the first man to ever bench-press 800 pounds. He has a somewhat checkered past, having served five years in prison for benefit fraud, tax evasion , and illegally importing sexual enhancement drugs from China.

Tim Isaac is a former weightlifter who was the first man ever to bench-press 800 pounds. He served five years in prison from 2009 to 2014 for scamming government benefits, cheating on his taxes, and importing a Viagra-like drug from China without a license.

Isaac is alleged to have used Williams’ established reputation to lure potential customers into a false sense of security.

Montell Williams Official CBD Oil

Montel Williams official CBD oil is full spectrum CBD; it is made directly from the cannabis plant rather than using laboratory-isolated pure CBD. This means that William’s CBD has a better response curve. Pure CBD has been found to have a bell-shaped dosage; this means that the medicine is most effective at medium doses rather than low or high dosage.

Full spectrum CBD, on the other hand, can be administered much like normal medicines, with a response curve that corresponds more closely to the amount of CBD in the dosage. William’s CBD products can be sold at official state-sponsored dispensaries in several states across the USA.

Not only did Isaac’s company steal Williams’ likeness they have also been systemically defrauding their customers. They do this by charging customers credit cards repeatedly after a supposed free trial. They perpetuate these payments by making it very difficult for customers to reach the Issac to stop the payments.

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