CBD Isolate Vs Full Spectrum CBD – What’s The Difference?

Full Spectrum CBD VS Broad Spectrum CBD VS CBD Isolate - What's The Difference?

Full Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate: We Explain The Difference

The rate in which the popularity of CBD in the UK has risen over the past few years has been astronomical. Most of the time when somebody will come out and recommend a CBD product, they will mention that they take CBD oil, and then will say little more of the matter.

However, when buying CBD oil in the UK, simply staring at the range of CBD products on offer can all get too much, Full spectrum CBD, (Broad-spectrum CBD – we’ll get to this later) and CBD isolate… Wait, what?

It’s understandable as to why potential buyers of CBD products in the UK get a little confused when they go and check out their local CBD stores. While the difference between these three types of CBD is actually pretty simple, it can be super confusing for a newbie buyer looking to experiment. Fret no more – we’ve got you covered. We’ve broken down the nitty-gritty of what these terms actually mean, so you can find the best full-spectrum and CBD isolate products to buy.

What Is Cannabidiol?

So what is CBD? Cannabidiol or CBD is a cannabinoid present within the cannabis plant that can be extracted and concentrated into oil in concentrations that wouldn’t ordinarily be found within the plant itself. It is claimed by many that full-spectrum and CBD isolate can provide the user with a vast range of health benefits when used as a supplement, but it doesn’t get the user “high” in the common way that is associated with cannabis use.

Cannabis is a blanket term that incorporates both marijuana and hemp. The key difference between marijuana and hemp is the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration within the plants:

Marijuana More than 0.3% THC
Hemp Less than 0.3% THC



Is CBD Oil Legal In The United Kingdom?

Is CBD legal in the UK?‘ is a question that is commonly asked. THC is the main psychoactive component of cannabis and in the UK is the compound within cannabis that is prohibited. If you were to be stopped by the police and you possessed hemp, you wouldn’t be breaking the law and would be free to go. People are free to grow Hemp within the UK if they obtain a “Hemp growing licence’ from the government and use pre-approved seeds by the EU for strains that have low THC content.

CBD oil is most commonly extracted from hemp, although CBD can also be found in high concentrations in marijuana. Just remember that hemp is legal and that marijuana isn’t. However full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate are completely legal so long as they have the right amount of THC in them.

How To Spot Pure CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil UK

CBD is just one of many cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. In fact, there are 113 known cannabinoids. A full-spectrum CBD oil is one that contains a natural balance of all these other cannabinoids, in addition to the CBD content. As well as containing cannabinoids, unlike CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD oil will contain other vitamins, minerals and essential compounds, such as: –

  • B Complex Vitamins
  • Vitamins C, E and A
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus and Zinc
  • Calcium and Magnesium
  • All 20 Essential Amino Acids

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Furthermore, it is believed that when taking CBD as part of a full-spectrum oil, you are essentially supplying the body with CBD as nature intended along with all other natural components, it is more effective. This is due to something called the “entourage effect‘ which basically states that each cannabinoid taken into the body works better when in the presence of other cannabinoids.

The idea of the entourage effect is basically that many hands make light work, and all the different flavonoids, plant terpenes and less significant cannabinoids work together to make CBD work even better than it would on its own. It increases the bioavailability of each cannabinoid as well as enhancing the general function of the bodies endocannabinoid system.

The Ednocannabinoid System

One thing to note is that full-spectrum CBD oil will contain THC, but only in very small concentrations. This usually won’t be enough to trigger a positive score on a test for THC in the system and certainly not enough to have any psychoactive effect that could be considered a “high” or “stoned” feeling, but it is worth knowing that it is there nonetheless. If you live somewhere where THC is legal, this isn’t so much of an issue. Although if THC is illegal in your area, maybe opt for broad-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate to stay on the safe side.

CBD Myths: Explained

What Is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Think of broad-spectrum CBD oil as the middle man between the whole spectrum and CBD isolate. As an extract, it still has most of the plant terpenes, flavonoids and less prominent cannabinoids, just without THC.

Which CBD Absorption Method Provides The Best Bioavailability?

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is a great choice for anyone who wants all the benefits of the “entourage effect” without worrying about the presence of THC. However like full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD is a cocktail of various terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids – so the ratio of all these elements can vary even in different batches of the same CBD product.

CBD Isolate UK

A lot of people think that CBD isolate is just a power CBD. Pure CBD Isolate is essentially CBD that has isolated from the cannabis plant so that it exists as a pure product on its own. All other cannabinoids and compounds that would normally be present in a cannabis plant have been removed, and it is CBD that exists on its own. There are several potential benefits of CBD isolate, such as: –

  • THC concentration is removed from the CBD Isolate
  • All odour and flavour are removed which for most people improves the taste
  • Potential for higher concentrations of CBD per dose
  • Cost per milligram of CBD Isolate is less

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the CBD compound in its purest form, without any of the other plant botanicals or compounds. If you haven’t guessed by the name, this is achieved by isolating the CBD compound and extracting it from its environment, where it is mixed in with other botanical compounds. These include plant terpenes like limonene and pinene, flavonoids, and other less prominent cannabinoids. CBD isolate is usually derived from industrial hemp, because of it’s low THC content.

Another pro of CBD isolate is that since it’s one isolated compound, it’s much more consistent than full spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD. Since CBD isolate is just the compound and nothing else, you don’t have to worry about a spec of THC showing up on a drug test. However, research around the entourage effect shows that CBD may not be as effective when isolated, so you may need a higher dose of it.

It may at this point sound like pure CBD isolate is the way to go. However, it doesn’t have all the other cannabinoids present within it, and as previously explained, the “entourage effect’ of cannabinoids seems to have a major role to play when it comes to peoples’ response to treatment with cannabis. This doesn’t mean that pure CBD isolate doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work as well. However, you can generally purchase more for your money and the trace amount of THC are completely removed alleviating any worries you may have.

Full Spectrum CBD Vs Broad Spectrum CBD Vs CBD Isolate – Conclusion

It’s generally down to the user to decide which they would prefer by weighing up these points. It is generally more of a lifestyle choice with which one you choose. If you wish for the convenience of being able to put a few drops under your tongue for quick and effective relief from certain ailments, then a high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil or broad-spectrum CBD oil is for you.

If you wish to lead a lifestyle where you add measured doses of CBD isolate to a carrier oil, balms and ointments; or you simply wish to not have worries about using a product with any THC concentration, then pure CBD isolate is for you.

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