Vaping CBD in the UK

Best CBD Vape Oils in the UK

CBD lovers truly are truly spoiled for choice these days. Especially when it comes to choosing the best CBD vape oil in the UK. There is more choice than ever with an increasing number of both online and brick and […]
N One Disposable 120 mg CBD Pod Device - Review

N One Disposable CBD Pod Device – Review

N One Disposable 120 mg CBD Pod Device – Review  If you want to vape CBD but dont have the time or the patience to learn then this is for you. No changing coils, no refilling, no charging, no nothing. […]
Are CBD Edibles The Future Of Nutrition?

Are CBD Edibles The Future Of Nutrition?

Are CBD Edibles the Future of Healthy Eating? “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  No matter who said this first, whether it was Hippocrates 2000 years ago or a guy from Plymouth in the year 2000, […]
What Is The Shelf Life Of CBD Products?

What Is The Shelf Life Of CBD Products?

Can CBD Oil & CBD Tincture Products Really Expire? The shelf life of CBD products varies depending on a number of factors such as product type, storage conditions, and if opened or not. A bottle of high quality CBD oil […]
Cali Greens CBD Vaporizer Review 2020

Cali Greens Disposable CBD Vaporizer Pen – Review

Cali Greens Disposable CBD Vaporizer Pen – Should You Buy It? Vaping is a fantastic method of getting CBD into your system quickly and efficiently but many are put off by the complexity of some vaporizers.  With a disposable vape […]
Poko CBD skincare range

Poko CBD review – Who are Poko CBD?

CBD is the latest buzz word to hit the skincare industry and is now appearing in many leading health and beauty brands such as Kiehls and Lord Jones. It interacts with cannabinoid receptors in our skin which are responsible for […]
Smok Vaporizer Review 2020

Smok Vaporizer Review – Who Are Smok?

Smok Vaporizer Review – Should You Buy One? A popular way of getting CBD into your body fast and effectively is by vaping. Compared to all the other products on the market it is by far the quickest way to […]
alqemist CBD

alqemist CBD Review

alqemist CBD – Improving Mind, Body and Soul alqemist has only just begun and already they have three products that you should be keeping an eye on. Their range includes CBD oil, CBD sprays, and CBD Tea Buds. How To […]
Buy Love CBD

Love CBD review – Who are Love CBD?

The popularity and potential of CBD oil has led it to become one of the most talked-about, most trusted, and highest-rated food supplement of all time. As a result, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of CBD […]
Man Focused and Concentrating

CBD Oil For Focus And Concentration Improvement

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t concentrate at all? While it may be reasonable for young children to lose focus, it isn’t quite the same with a grown-up. Anyone suffering from poor concentration not only ends […]