New Year’s Resolutions: 10 Ways To Use CBD

It is hard to believe that the year 2020 is drawing to a close. And what a year it has been! What with the whole world caught amid a raging pandemic, and Covid-19 dominating every aspect of our lives, 2021 […]
The UK's Most Popular CBD Gummies

The UK’s Most Popular CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are edible candies that contain the therapeutic compound CBD. CBD comes from the marijuana plant. These gummies help in relieving pain, anxiety and anger and have no psychoactive properties. This has made them extremely popular, especially in recent […]
CBD Tinctures

The Best CBD Tinctures on the UK market

CBD tincture what is it? CBD is cannabidiol, which means it derives from marijuana plants. However, it is not psychoactive. CBD is not tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It allows for a similar sensation of calmness and relaxation but without the high associated […]
How to use a dab pen

How to Use a Dab Pen

A dab pen is a mobile vape system that corrects the various shortcomings of cartridges. This makes it ideal for somebody searching for… Portability. Simplicity. Increased control over their vaping experience. A standard vape pen is produced for compatibility with […]
CBD Coffee Is Your New Favourite Drink

CBD Coffee Is Your New Favourite Drink

There is such an abundance of CBD related products these days, it’s easy to feel a bit spoiled. From balms, to CBD tinctures, oils, capsules, food supplements, and a whole host of other ways it seems there’s a method of […]
Cannabidoil - CBD

Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil Vs Industrialised Hemp A Simple Guide

Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil Vs Industrialised Hemp Nature provided humans with the Cannabis Sativa plant. Humans then categorised distinctions between different sub-species, bred them to create different strains and then took different parts to extract different ingredients we liked […]

How to Unstick an Arizer Extreme Q Cyclone bowl

Sometimes, I’ve found that the Cylone bowl of my Arizer Extreme Q tends to get stuck to my Extreme Q base. If you’re currently having this problem, then try some of my solutions listed below. Since the Extreme Q is […]
Lost Vape Orion

Lost Vape Orion Review

Product Introduction Last year, Lost Vape’s Orion GO was one of the most popular pod vapes in the marketplace. This year, the manufacturer has released a further edition to their pod vape line named the Orion Quest (Orion Q). It’s […]
6 Best CBD Lip Balm of 2020 in the UK

6 Best CBD Lip Balms of 2020 in the UK

First of all, what is a lip balm generally? And what does it do? Lip balms are topical substances applied to lips to keep them moisturized. These are particularly effective during dry and cold weather. But they’re also incredibly useful […]
Weight Loss and CBD: Which Products Work Best?

Weight Loss and CBD: Which Products Work Best?

Weight loss can be tough. Sure, social media influencers tout the latest skinny teas and diets, but it’s not all about that. If you’re on a journey to be your best physical self, you’ll know that it’s all about working […]