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Bill De Blasio to End Public Smoking Arrests

Bill De Blasio to End Public Smoking Arrests

Bill De Blasio Wants To End Public Smoking Arrests New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, has called for the NYPD to no longer arrest those found smoking marijuana in public. Marijuana is currently still illegal in New York, and smoking in public […]
Hemp Plastic

How To Make Plastic From Hemp

How Can Hemp Replace Plastic? Plastic has become a pressing topic recently both in the UK and across the world. Mainly because it’s killing the vast majority of nature and will doom us all. So for this reason, a lot […]
Eco-Friendly House

Can You Build a House Out of Hemp?

Building a House Out of Hemp Hemp seems to have limitless uses. You can eat it, wear it, put it in your fuel tank, make your car out of it, make it into a rope, and you can even feed […]
CBD Tampons - Can They Reduce Menstrual Pain?

CBD Tampons – What Are They?

What Are CBD Tampons? Recent findings show that period pain can be as painful as a heart attack – something women have been saying for years. Period pain can range from a dull ache which can make certain activities and clothing uncomfortable, to full […]
CBD For Pets

CBD For Pets?

CBD is becoming a popular treatment for people experiencing a host of issues, including anxiety and chronic pain. Turns out, CBD can be just as effective at treating similar conditions in dogs and other pets. What is CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol is a naturally […]
Why Seth Rogan is a CBD Advocate

Why Seth Rogen is a CBD Advocate

Seth Rogen & CBD Canadian actor and comedian Seth Rogen has become closely linked with cannabis culture as a result of his outspoken and care-free attitude toward smoking it; in his personal life and in his films. However, what many […]
Cynthia Nixon to Legalize Marijuana in NY

Cynthia Nixon to Legalize Marijuana in NY

Cynthia Nixon, who is famous for the role of straight-talking lawyer Miranda Hobbes in HBO’s Sex and the City, announced her bid to legalize marijuana as part of her campaign for governor of New York. Nixon is running against current governor Andrew Cuomo, as the democratic nominee. A […]
Is There a Conflict of Interest at Westminster

Is There a Conflict of Interest at Westminster Over Cannabis Medicine?

The recent case of Billy Caldwell’s access to his cannabis medicine has highlighted some serious issues at the heart of the UK Government. Is there a conflict of interest over cannabis medicine? ‘Hypocrisy on a Grand Scale’ UK drugs minister […]
Workplace Anxiety

5 Ways to Deal With Workplace Anxiety

Anxiety is your body’s way of telling you to get the hell out of whatever situation you’re in. It has proven to be vital for human survival. Unfortunately, if you’re in the office, you can’t exactly flee the room in […]
Canadian House of Commons Vote to Legalize Weed

Canadian House of Commons Vote to Legalize Weed

A Landslide Vote Eyes from around the world are firmly focused on the ‘Great White North’ this week, following a bill passed on Monday to legalize recreational cannabis. The legislation passed Canada’s House of Commons by 205 votes to a […]