Plant of Life 50mg CBD + CBG Mega Effect Night Cream – 50g


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Plant Of Life brings to you this excellent product to help rejuvenate your face skin. Enriched with multiple active ingredients which will make your skin look younger, smoother and prettier. This night cream has been produced accordingly to strict GMP procedures.

Contains: 4% CBD + 1% CBG


Cannabigerol (CBG): Has properties for conditioning the skin, in addition to soothing and antioxidant properties.

Cannabidiol (CBD): Thanks to the content of nutrients such as omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids or vitamin E and phenolic acid, CBD can boast of its moisturizing and softening benefits for the skin, as well as of antioxidant power ideal to combat the free radicals responsible for aging and loss of luminosity. It also has a soothing action on the skin, revitalizing and regenerating effect and regulatory action that brings balance to the skin.

Vitamin A: Essential for the normal maintenance of epithelial cells, being an excellent skin conditioner. Its deficiency causes dryness and thickening of the corneal layer with keratinization of the connective tissue.

Vitamin E: Biological antioxidant. Protects cell membranes and vital for red blood cells. It preserves vitamin A and essential fatty acids from oxidation. It acts by interaction with free radicals. Being liposoluble, it accumulates in membrane phospholipids and acts in the hydrophobic phase.

Boswellia Serrata Extract: Boswellia Serrata extract is known to inhibit the key enzyme in the inflammation process, 5-lipoxygenase without blocking other enzymes such as prostaglandins or thromboxanes. Thanks to this ability the extract of Boswellia Serrata helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and its manifestations (redness and irritation) and provides a pleasant and relaxing effect.

Soy Protein: Protein extracted from soybean. It improves the breathing of the tissues, favouring gaseous exchanges and stimulating the epithelialization of connective tissue. Promotes hair growth by providing a biological revitalization. Constitutes a cellular nutrition medium, due to the composition in peptides and amino acids, especially those of sulphur type which are easily assimilated for the formation of keratin bridges. Therefore, it reinforces and nourishes the tissue and redensifies the internal structure of the epidermis.

Plant Tensor: Protein hydrolysate obtained by extraction of germinated organic wheat seeds. Taking advantage of the enzymatic hydrolysis that takes place during the germination process, it is extracted when the hydrolysate has the average molecular weight necessary to produce the optimal tensor effect. It is formed by protein fractions whose amino acid content shows high concentrations of proline, serine, leucine, phenylalanine, glutamic acid and aspartic acid.

Stem Cells: Liposome apple stem cells characterized by having four main actions: Facility of cell reproduction. Ability to differentiate by acquiring properties similar to the surrounding cells once incorporated into the tissue. Helps in the elimination of dead cells. Repairs the damage generated in the skin. Being stem cells of plant origin, the skin receives a great nutreic contribution. Thanks to the properties mentioned, it recovers the inner layers of the skin and visibly reduces wrinkles.

Arctic Phytoplankton Extract: Extract of unicellular organisms living in extreme conditions. A unique plankton extract that energizes and protects the skin from environmental stress, and improves its maintenance and repair. Extracted from plankton ‘Artemia salina’, it is oriented to its use in energizing and regenerating skin care products, offering a new way to increase cellular defences against UV stress and demonstrating the following protective effects: It increases the cellular protection against the aggressions of the UV rays and repairs the damages produced in the DNA. Stimulates the formation of HSP70, proteins involved in the fight against cellular stress and increases the skin’s defences as well as resistance to UV rays and heat stress. Provides an anti-inflammatory action by decreasing the level of cytokines present as IL-1.Energizes and revitalizes cells by increasing the CAMP (in vitro study). Stimulates the synthesis of dermal and epidermal proteins (Keratin, Filagrina, Collagen, Fibronectin) in vitro. It has an important effect on the protection of DNA: it significantly reduces the damage caused to DNA by induced stress. Protects against photoaging.

Glycerin: Active moisturizer of 100% vegetable origin.

Hyaluronic acid: Biological polysaccharide present in the extracellular matrix of most tissues. Thanks to its extraordinary hydrophilic properties it provides a hydrated medium between the cells and protects them from abrasion and friction. This is why its anti-wrinkle, free radical and aging retardant effect is very powerful. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain water in a percentage equivalent to thousands of times its weight. That is why it is used for hydration of the epidermis and for reconstitution of the fibres that support the tissues of the skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen, which multiplies and prolongs the rejuvenating result. Also stands out by its filling effect in the areas where it is applied and in the skin stains, although it is also known to reduce the scars of severe acne and other skin problems.

Clean the the face and apply the cream.

THC content<0.2%

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