Canndid Strawberry & Raspberry CBD Tea Bags

Canndid Strawberry & Raspberry CBD Tea Bags

Canndid Tea Strawberry Raspberry

Canndid Strawberry & Raspberry CBD Tea Bags


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  • Each box contains 20 tea bags.
  • Each tea bag contains dried whole pieces of wild raspberry and strawberry, hibiscus, rose peel, raisins, and chokeberry.
  • Each bag contains 10 mg CBD and CBDA.
  •  CBD  derived from naturally grown hemp plants.
  • Contains less than 0.2% THC
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Transport yourself to warm, golden evenings with this unique blend of summer fruits. This extraordinary combination of flavours is certain to lift the spirit. Cosy up and treat your taste buds to a delicate fusion of flavours. Experience the tanginess of raspberries beautifully balanced with the juicy, sweetness of strawberries – all in one cup.

What’s in it?

Every box contains 20 tea bags. Each tea bag contains luxury naturally dried whole pieces of wild raspberry and strawberry, hibiscus, rose peel, raisins, and chokeberry. We told you it was luxurious! All of these specially selected ingredients work in harmony with our finest CBD. Our CBD is derived from naturally grown hemp plants. Each bag contains 10 mg CBD and CBDA. Therefore, you can get your daily dose of CBD, whilst enjoying a little “me time”. To make sure our products are safe and of the highest quality, we test everything thoroughly. This means that we can ensure every product contains less than 0.3% THC, as per EU law. Rigorous testing also means that our products contain accurate doses of CBD, making it easier for you to monitor daily doses. Canndid Strawberry & Raspberry tea bags are designed to let you enjoy a little taste of summer whilst enjoying the effects of CBD, without feeling fuzzy.

How to drink Canndid Strawberry & Raspberry Tea

  • Enjoy this luxurious tea any time. Simply pour freshly boiled water over your tea bag and allow it to brew for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Allowing the tea bag to steep for longer will produce a stronger taste.
  • Put your feet up, and enjoy the soothing effects of a perfect cup of tea, alongside the effects of CBD.
  • CBD infused tea is a wonderful way of introducing CBD into your lifestyle.
  • It offers a simple, discreet way to enjoy CBD, whilst monitoring dosages accurately.

Safety Instructions: Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children. Store in a cool, dry location.

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10 reviews for Canndid Strawberry & Raspberry CBD Tea Bags

  1. 5 out of 5


    The strawberry and raspberry tea from Canndid is absolutely delicious. I love flavoured teas and find it a great way to get in my daily dose of CBD. I deal with anxiety, stress and sleep problems and have found the CBD tea calms me and enables me to relax. As a result, I have noticed I can get to sleep quicker and don’t wake up frequently during the night. It has also helped reduce my stress and anxiety levels which makes me feel clearer throughout the day. If you’re looking for a yummy way to consume CBD, look no further.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Julie Duncan

    I’m sensitive to caffeine, so fruit teas are my saving grace. I tried this at a friend’s house and had to buy my own! It’s absolutely delicious — fruity without being overpowering, and it’s tasty either hot or iced. It’s a nice little way to treat myself halfway through my day, too! I’ll have to try the other Canndid teas, but I’m sticking with this for now LOL!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Amelia Radowizc

    When I saw this Canndid tea I knew I had to try it because I love strawberry and raspberry flavoured anything. It really works – the taste is amazing and I think CBD has helped me in everyday life.

  4. 4 out of 5

    Taylor Murphy

    This is the first time I have heard of strawberry and raspberry tea with CBD, so I just had to try it. Not only is the packaging Instagrammable, but the taste is unique and refreshing. This tea would be great for summer nights when I just want to unwind with a tasty drink.

  5. 4 out of 5

    Siobhan Conor

    I had this delicious strawberry and raspberry flavoured tea infused with CBD at a friend’s place and was completely blown away by the taste! I purchased my own stash and have it every day! And I’ve noticed I feel more relaxed of late…great stuff!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Julia Brian

    I’m a huge fan of CBD but don’t like the earthy taste of CBD tinctures or oil…so this delicious tea works great for me! I get my daily dose of CBD and a delicious cup of tea! Total win-win!

  7. 5 out of 5

    Olivia Edwards

    5 stars.. would recommend! Fast delivery also!

  8. 5 out of 5

    Brianne Sultani

    Fruit teas are my favourite – and honestly, is there a better way to take CBD? No. This was delicious, sweet, tart, and I can drink it hot or cold! I just leave one teabag in my water bottle and sip on it throughout the day. Such a win for Canndid, I’d buy this in bulk if I could.

  9. 4 out of 5

    Nico Lowe

    Not a big fan of oils so I gave this a try. For sure tastes nicer and it works just as good with relaxing me in the evenings.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Aaron Davide

    Great taste and it’s really helping me get through a major workload. Everyone thinks I’m just drinking herbal tea that smells great but they don’t know about the secret ingredient!! Happy to try some of the other Canndid teas.

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