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Fourfive CBD Capsules Review 2019

Who Are FourFive CBD?

George Kruis and Dominic Day CBD

As opioid addiction and substance abuse become more and more prevalent amongst athletes of all disciplines, FourFive CBD was born with a particular focus on helping athletes to treat pain without over-relying on strong painkillers.

Founded by international professional rugby players Dom Day and George Kruis, both men have played and trained through pain during their careers – with 12 surgeries between them from sports-related injuries.

Unlike many companies simply looking to cash in on the newest wellness trend by sticking some dubiously marketed hemp seed oil into random products, FourFive CBD sells products for CBD lovers made by CBD lovers – and prioritise customer experience at every level.

FourFive’s full range of CBD oils are vegetarian and vegan friendly, as well as being pesticide and herbicide free. And for the extra astute CBD consumer, FourFive champion honesty and transparency by including their third-party tested lab reports on their website for anyone to view.

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For people with higher dosage needs who don’t want to break the bank, FourFive CBD have even launched a monthly subscription on their entire range of CBD oils to save customers 15% on their order.

Now – let’s get into the products!

FourFive CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Review

Best Quality CBD Oil Tincture

FourFive’s CBD oil is formulated in three different strengths to cater to CBD users of all levels – low (500mg) medium (1000mg) and high (2000mg).

Available in both natural and orange-infused flavours, these CBD oils are also uniquely designed with a spray applicator for easy administration. Simply spray under the tongue and hold for a minute before swallowing for maximum absorption.

Anyone who’s used cannabidiol before knows that the taste of CBD oil can take some getting used to. With this in mind, FourFive’s lower strength 500mg CBD oil infused with orange is the perfect formula for newbie CBD users. The lower strength formula will ease you in while you’re working out your optimum dosage, while the orange oil infusion will offset some of the herbal bitterness typical of CBD oil.

For more seasoned CBD users, FourFive’s 1000mg and 2000mg strengths are perfect for a strong boost right when you need it most. Oftentimes, a stronger dose of CBD can often mean a more bitter taste – but FourFive’s natural flavour is considerably more palatable than many other leading brands. However, if you’re still worried about the bitterness of a stronger CBD dose, opt for the orange flavour to offset that herbal tang.

FourFive CBD recommend not exceeding 200mg of CBD over the course of a day, so if you do opt for a higher strength CBD oil just keep in mind that you won’t need to spray as often as you would with a 500mg concentration.

All of FourFive’s CBD oils are formulated with 100% natural, full-spectrum CBD which offers customers the full benefits of the ‘entourage effect’. The entourage effect basically means that CBD works best in its most natural state, in collaboration with all the active plant botanicals present in the hemp plant. However, this also includes trace amounts of THC (0.3%). While this level of THC is far too minimal to have any effect whatsoever on the user, many people are understandably apprehensive about using CBD products that contain THC. With that in mind, FourFive have just released their highly popular CBD oil spray in a 0% THC formulation.

FourFive CBD 0% THC CBD Oil – 1000mg

Formulated specially with the athletic community in mind, FourFive’s new 0% THC CBD oil was created in response to demand from professional athletes who can see the benefits of what CBD can do, but are concerned about the purity of CBD products and the risk of THC appearing on a drug test.

Fourfive CBD Oil Review 2019 UK

FourFive’s 0% THC oil has been thoroughly tested for cross contamination of banned substances, and is certified by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG). The BSCG are considered one of the highest authorities in dietary supplement certification and Olympic drug testing. This new offering by FourFive is also the first product to be authorised under the BSCG Certified Hemp program, which was developed in response to the growing number of athletes turning to CBD for injury-related pain.

While all traces of THC have been omitted, this broad-spectrum CBD oil contains a wealth of other active plant botanicals to give users the benefits of the ‘entourage effect’, which is believed to increase the overall performance of your CBD.

Just like FourFive’s established range of quick-absorbing CBD oils, the 0% THC oil is CO2 extracted for the highest nutritional value in each and every drop of CBD oil. However, this 0% THC version is only available in the ‘natural’ flavour, which may take some adjusting for fans of the orange-infused CBD oil.

Formulated with 1000mg of CBD, FourFive recommend starting at a slightly lower dose of 1 spray three times daily. With each 30ml bottle, you should get about 240 sprays – which depending on your intake, should last around two and a half months.

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