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Canavape – High Grade Cannabinoids

Canavape is a name that has become synonymous with everything to do with Vaporizers. Canavape started as a small and humble business in England in 2014 and has since seen outrageous growth in popularity. Canavape became the first company to offer CBD vape products (CBD E-Liquids) in Europe.

Now based in London, Canavape has grown into a truly international brand and sell their CBD products across the globe.
From its inception, Canavape has helped to shape and mold the CBD E-Liquid market – something that they have become quite well known for. However they do also offer a range of other high quality CBD products which include CBD oil, supplements, and isolate! So it really does not matter if you do not vape, you can still get a Canavape CBD product that’s right for you.

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