Rowll – All In 1 Rolling Kit


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– Grind your herb on the go
– Store your herb in the folding tray
– Funnel – spill your herb easily
– Classic rolling papers – 32 extra thin papers
– Classic filter tips
– Magnetic closure

Available in individual pieces, or purchase 20 for a full pack.’

The Rowller
Grind your herb with the Rowller.
The smart foundation which our vision is built upon.
A strong and durable layer of recycled plastic with 8 lines of more than 100 razor sharp spikes to grind your herb to perfection but safe enough to use with your fingers. Enjoy a brilliant grinding experience.

Folding Tray
The Rowll can easily store your herbs safely in its folding tray.
It has a unique design which provides a dynamic “working” surface that can expand into a larger mixing surface if needed, this makes it compatible to work with in many different environments and situations.

Rolling Papers
Rowll Rolling Papers are made from the finest quality, environmental friendly Eco materials. Contain NO colours, NO flavourings and NO burn additives.

Pro Filter Tips
Slim yet firm filter tips made from eco-friendly materials.
All filter tips have 3 dashed lines for effortless rolling and a precise “W” shaped filter at any time!

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