Peng 500mg CBD Gummies

Peng 500mg CBD Gummies


Peng 500mg CBD Gummies


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  • 100% Full-Spectrum CBD
  • 500 mg of CBD
  • 17 mg CBD in every gummy
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Peng 500 mg CBD Infused Sweets – Hemp Gummies

Enjoy the great benefits of CBD oil in the tastiest of ways with Peng CBD infused gummies. Each delicious treat provides 17 mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol as well as a whole host of other powerful cannabinoids and terpenes.

Peng gummies are both delicious and nutritious and taste exactly like regular gummies — only with the added goodness of CBD inside each one. These are particularly ideal for younger people familiar with gummies, or as a tasty treat during the day for us bigger kids with a sweet tooth.

Peng 500 mg CBD Infused Sweets – Hemp Gummies: Features

  • 100% Full Spectrum CBD
  • 500 mg CBD
  • 17 mg CBD per gummy
  • MCT Carrier oil


Glucose syrup, sugar cane, gelatine, flavouring, Full Spectrum CBD  (Containing CBD, CBDV, CBDA and traces of CBN, CBG),   natural terpenes,   MCT oil,

Added Benefits:

CBD Benefits – Retailers are currently prohibited from speaking about CBD benefits and as such we encourage all our customers to do their own research. We recommend you visit the US National Library of Medicine which cites over 2500 papers on the potential benefits of CBD oil.

Entourage Effect – Peng full-spectrum gummies contain all the cannabinoids (compounds) and terpenes (scents) from the hemp plant that work synergistically together to promote what scientists call the entourage effect. This is the theory that each compound can enhance the effects of the others offering even greater benefits.

Accurate Dosing – Another great thing about Peng gummies is that each one contains exactly 17 mg of CBD, so you can dose confidently knowing precisely how much CBD you are taking.

Potentially Lower Cholesterol – Peng CBD oil is carried in MCT oil and In a 2009 study from Brazil, researchers showed how MCT oil lowered bad types of cholesterol in women and increased good ones.

Convenience – Peng CBD gummies have to be one of the most convenient and delicious methods of getting CBD into your diet. Pop the bag into the car or your bag and away you go.

Potentially Improve brain function – MCT oil turns into ketones in the liver which is then used as a source of energy for the brain improving thinking and memory.

Discretion – Peng CBD gummies are so discrete and look exactly like any other standard gummy bear.

How to Use:

Enjoy these gummies like you did when you were a kid. Chew, enjoy and relax.


Each gummy contains exactly 17 mg of CBD so depending on your requirements you may want a couple a day or more. The best advice is to start small and slow until you find the dosage that is optimum for you and your needs.

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