Kenex Simplex Scale 100 0.01g – 100g Digital Scale SIM-100


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Some times, all you need is a no fuss weighing scale. There is enough drama with trying to figure out how to use the most popular social media app, or the latest in smart phone technology. For those that sometimes wish they could go back to old school GSM only phones, the Kennex Simplex Scale a simple weighing solution that still boasts 21st century technology! The Simplex is just that, simple really.

  • 100g Capacity x 0.01g Accuracy (±)
  • Plastic Weighing Platform
  • Removable Cover Doubles as Deep Tray
  • Overload Protection
  • 5 Weighing Modes: g/oz/ct/ozt/dwt
  • 180s Auto off Function

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