Flava Tips Flavour Enhancing Vaping Drip Tips

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A brand new and innovative creation within the vaping world!

These Flava Tips feature a unique design that employs reusable filters soaked in your flavour of choice. This will then combine with the flavour of e-liquid you are using to create a distinctive taste. You can also fill your tank with a flavourless base, and use these tips as the sole flavour provider.

The tips are colour-coded according to flavour.

Nicotine free and made with real fruit, plant and spice extracts.


Included in the pack:

– Flavoured Drip Tip

– 510 to 810 Adapter

– 3 Reusable Flavour Discs

– 10ml Liquid Flavour

– Micro Fibre Cloth

– Cocktail Stick



Peppermint Menthol – A classic menthol flavour made with real peppermint extract

Tangy Tangerine – A sweet and tangy orange flavour infused with pure tangerine extract

Sweet Lime – A sharp citrus flavour made from lime extracts.

Festive Flavour – Created for that festive Christmas feeling! Spicy cinnamon with a zesty orange twist.

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