DR Trichome 300mg CBD & CBG Cannastick Vape Pen – Laughing Gas


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This high-end disposable, also known as the “Doctor of Dank,” includes 100 percent true organic Cannabis terpenes, as well as 150mg CBD and 150mg CBG!Dr. Trichome has created three distinct cannabis strain-inspired vapes with a 50/50 CBD/CBG ratio. This contains “Black Mamba,” which is the same unique organic terpene strain as Blueberry Haze!All of the greatest elements are directly picked from the buds and combined to create a unique and high-quality Cannabis vape. Thanks to the built-in 400mAh battery, each will last up to 600 puffs!
  • 150 mg CBD and 150 mg CBG (300mg Total)
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • 400mAh Battery
  • 600 Puffs  

LAUGHING GAS (Zkittles) – This flavour will have you rolling on the floor laughing as you experience sheer delight from legendary strain! you’ll be able to taste the rainbow as you inhale and savour sweet notes of grapefruit, grape and berries!

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, GMP Cannabigerol, GMP cannabidiol, Real Cannabis Terpenes & flavourings. 

THC Content<0.2%

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