Canndid 20mg CBD Pouches – Glacial Mint


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Canndid 20mg CBD Pouches - Glacial Mint
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Novel Food application number: RP296

Putting a traditional twist on a brand-new product, these minty menthol flavoured CBD pouches will make for a great starting point for both CBD novices and veterans alike. After popping one in your mouth, you may fell a tingle or two before experiencing a cooling, refreshing CBD blast.

These CBD pouches (20 in total) are naturally free from THC as well as from both nicotine and tobacco. So you can use these without worrying about falling back onto the wagon.

– 20 CBD pouches
– 20mg CBD per pouch
– American grown CBD
– Tobacco and Nicotine Free
– THC free

How to use:
Step 1: Insert pouch under the lip, resting on your gum.
Step 2: It will release CBD naturally with saliva over the course of 35-40 mins.
Step 3: Simply dispose of the Canndid CBD pouch safely and responsibly.

Ingredients: Sucralose in PG, PG, Food grade flavours, TPD compliant mint flavours, Menthol, Ws 23, Ws 3, Crystalline microcellulose, CBD 20mg per pouch

THC level<0.2%

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