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Premium CBD Vape Juice & CBD E-Liquid

Putting CBD in your vaporizer is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get CBD into your system. Vaping CBD E-Liquids is continually growing in popularity as more and more people turn to them as alternatives to cigarettes. We handpick our selection of high-quality CBD products to ensure you have the best choice

We are continuing to improve our selection and are always open to suggestions for new cannabidiol juice to stock. If we are missing your favorite cannabidiol vape, let us know as our aim is to have the best CBD in stock, all the time.

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CBD E-Liquids in the UK

What is CBD E-Liquid?

CBD(Cannabidiol) is found exclusively in the cannabis or hemp plant and is one of 113 newly discovered compounds called collectively cannabinoids. Recent clinical studies have exposed a range of medicinal benefits of these compounds with the prime mover being CBD.

Whilst activists have long campaigned about the benefits of THC, recent studies have shown that it’s the hemp extract CBD that is responsible for many of the benefits. Add to this the fact that CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, meaning it won’t get you high, and you have the resulting huge interest from public.

The commercial CBD products that have recently flooded the market to meet this interest, are highly processed to remove the THC. The leaves, flowers, and sometimes stem are put through a process that extracts the purified CBD. This concentrate can then be added to a range of different substances including edibles, for consumption including, of course, vape e-liquid.

But Cannabidiol can be taken in a range of different ways such as in food and edibles, a tincture, or an oral spray. In fact, the list of different ways people are looking to combine CBD is growing all the time with a UK company recently bringing tampoons to the market.

Marijuana Vs Hemp

It’s a pretty common misconception that these two plants are the same and whilst they are both parts of the Cannabis Sativa family of flora, there is a very important distinction. Hemp is the name given to a range of plants that have little or no THC.

Hemp has a large number of industrial uses and the authorities needed a way to classify the legal varieties from those with a higher THC content, which could be abused for its psychoactive properties.

So whilst the two types of plant may look the same, and both contain CBD from a legal perspective they are quite different. Most CBD liquids are made from hemp which makes growing the plant easier, legally, and also reduces the costs of processing to assure the low THC content.

It’d important to note that any CBD oil or vaporizer juice that is created using seeds will not have any CBD content as the cannabinoids are not present in the seed. So when you are choosing your next vape juice, take care and avoid anything advertised as being made from ‘hemp seeds’.

CBD Vape Oils vs. CBD E-Liquids

The terms CBD vape oil, CBD vape juice, and cannabidiol e-liquid all mean the same thing with the term ‘juice’ being more widely used in the United States of America. But it’s the same product for the same use, to vape.

There are some other terms that you may see and need clarification on.

Types Of CBD Vape Juice

Whilst not strictly types of cannabidiol e-liquid, the following should be considered when making a purchase.

Full Spectrum – refers to the range of cannabinoids that accompany the CBD. Some studies have shown that CBD’s full benefits can only be enjoyed when it works in synergy with all the other cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp plant. Whilst the jury is still out on this one, you may find a benefit to it. The extraction process is costly due to the slightly increased time needed to extract all the cannabinoids.

Broad Spectrum – like full spectrum but with a more limited range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD Isolate – This is a pure CBD concentrate extract usually stored in a crystalline form. It can be bought in bulk.

The Uses, Effects, & Benefits of CBD Vape Oil & E-Liquid

Recent studies have shown that CBD has a range of benefits with the list growing month by month as more research is conducted. It should be pointed out though that CBD and the endocannabinoid system in our bodies was only discovered recently and there is still a huge amount that we don’t know.

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Alleviate Acne
  • Treat Epilepsy
  • Improve Sleep

For a detailed review of all the health benefits take a look at our blog post on the topic.

Reducing Anxiety

One of the most sought after positive effects of CBD is its assistance with anxiety. It’s a damning indictment of the modern world that so many of us are seeking a way to mitigate the trials and tribulations of daily life. Many people are turning to CBD as a way to destress and deal with anxiety. One of the first studies in CBD, in 2011 found that CBD reduced performance anxiety in a number of people and further studies have confirmed this such as the 2019 trial into anxiety and sleep disorders.

How exactly does it work? Well, the 2011 study showed that it increased blood flow in the brain which led to elevated mood and improved cognitive function. If you are looking for CBD to make you smarter that might be a stretch but the study does indicate that a more relaxed person is better able to perform under stressful situations.

Improving Cardiovascular Health

With heart disease being one of the biggest killers worldwide anything that’s good for our heart has to be worth exploring, right? Well, in 2017 there was a scientific study into CBD’s effectiveness at reducing hypertension which leads to high blood pressure. The results showed that those who had taken CBD, as opposed to the placebo, had lower rates of resting blood pressure.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a response controlled by the immune system and a large part of that system is made up of CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Research has indicated that CBD could be used as part of an anti-inflammatory treatment in the near future. Whilst research is still ongoing, things are looking good. Can vaped CBD e-liquids be used to reduce inflammation? We don’t know enough yet to say conclusively but it certainly looks like it.

Alleviating Acne

Acne is in part caused by inflammation in the dermal layer and unsurprisingly there are high hopes that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties will be beneficial to those who suffer from acne. A 2014 study also found that CBD can mitigate the overproduction of sebum in the sebaceous glands to help reduce the severity and frequency of breakouts.

Treating Epilepsy

Anyone with any familiarity with CBD will probably have heard of its life-changing effects on those who suffer from Dravet’s syndrome, an unusual but acute form of epilepsy. And one of the reasons for CBD’s meteoric rise in popularity was the spotlight shoon on it by the media when it gave a little girl called Charlotte a chance at a normal life.

Clinical trials have proven that CBD is an effective treatment for epilepsy due to its anticonvulsant properties. More research is needed to fully understand how it works.

Improving Sleep

I’ll keep it quick for this one. CBD is thought to be beneficial for insomnia as it helps the underlying causes such as anxiety, depression, and pain.

Questions About CBD Vape Oil

Whilst we’ve covered a lot above, you may still have some questions as to why using CBD e-liquid in your vaporizer is a great choice. We’ve put together a list of the most common questions below, but if you have any other questions, reach out to our customer service team and we’ll be happy to answer.

Can You Mix CBD Oil With Vape Juice?

Unless clearly stated by the manufacturer, vaping a CBD tincture in a vape pen is a bad idea and shouldn’t be done. CBD tinctures are usually made with MCT oil and this can be harmful to your health if vaped.

How Long Does a Bottle of CBD Vape Oil Last?

How long does a box of cereal last? It really depends on how much and how often you use. Some people will only vape high-quality CBD e-liquids before bed to help get a good night’s rest, if this is the case for you, a small bottle might last you two weeks.

Does CBD Vape Oil Get You High?

CBD oil doesn’t get you high. All the THC is removed during the extraction process meaning CBD oil is non-psychoactive. No THC, no high. CBD vaping does have a calming effect though.

Is Vaping the Only Way to Consume CBD?

No vaping isn’t the only way to consume CBD. It can be consumed as a tincture, in oral spray, added to food or of course topically in the form or a CBD Cream or balm.

Concluding Advice

If you are trying cannabidiol vaping for the first time, look for a brand that uses full-spectrum CBD at a price point that you find acceptable. Take it easy when vaping and slowly find your level. If you enjoyed this, you might also be interested in our range of chocolate or lollipops.