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CBD Chocolate – The Full Range of Cannabidiol Chocolates

Who doesn’t love a piece of delicious chocolate? CBD chocolate offers that rich taste you know and love combined with all the benefits of Cannabidiol. So whether you prefer a bit of dark chocolate after dinner or you are in the mood for some milk chocolate goodness to enjoy in front of the tv, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you prefer dark chocolate or milk chocolate, we are sure to have something for all tastes in our range. A CBD Chocolate bar is a great way to wind down after a busy day. The mix of cannabinoids helps reduce the everyday stresses that build up from our modern hectic lifestyles. We’ve got a range of different brands that should suit each and every taste.

Why CBD & Chocolates

Why CBD chocolate you might ask? Well, we all love a piece of chocolate now and again and not just because of the rich delicious taste. Chocolate also releases serotonin into our bloodstream making us happy and more relaxed. When paired with high-quality CBD, you not only get that rich cocoa butter taste with all its benefits but also the deep calming effect of CBD’s cannabinoids.

We endeavor to stock the finest cannabidiol chocolates sourced from the best brands worldwide that only use quality CBD oil. If we are missing your favorite be sure to let us know and we’ll try and get it in stock.

CBD Chocolates FAQs

Like all of us, anything new will evoke some questions. We’ve put together a list of the most common ones that come up in regards cannabidiol chocolates but if there’s anything we missed, be sure to reach out to us on our social media or contact our customer service team. We like to keep things updated and will be sure to add your question to our list.

What is CBD Chocolate?

It really is a simple question to answer. CBD chocolate is cannibidol edible which is the careful combination of two great substances to create a new sensation that’s both delicious and has the calming, anti-anxiety properties of cannabidiol and all the other cannabinoids.

How is CBD Chocolate Made?

Just like CBD gummies and lollipops, the different companies and brands will all have their slightly different processes with their own unique blend of premium ingredients used to formulate their CBD chocolate bar products. Some of the more expensive products we stock herald their hand-made process whereas others trumpet their organic, vegan-friendly ingredients. But the similarities are still there. Each takes their premium chocolate mix and adds CBD oil concentrate.

Full-spectrum chocolate is created using a slightly more time-intensive process that extracts the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. It’s widely believed that this more organic balance helps the CBD work synergistically to provide a healthier experience.

Broad-spectrum chocolate has a good range of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes but due to a quicker extraction process, some of the goodness is lost along the way. Broad-spectrum CBD chocolates are usually a bit more cost-efficient and of course are made from hemp extract.

Is CBD in Chocolate Legal?

The UK, EU, and the US have stringent regulations on the level of THC allowed in any CBD product and any company exceeding these exact thresholds will be severely punished. So the short answer is yes, CBD chocolate is legal.

Are CBD Chocolates Safe?

Cannabidiol has been cleared by the FDA, EU regulatory boards and the UK government for sale. Not only is it safe but it also has a range of benefits that we are only beginning to understand. There has been a huge amount of research completed into CBD oil in the last 10 years or so that have examined a multitude of positive effects brought on by CBD. These include;

  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Alleviated Acne
  • Effective Treatment For Epilepsy
  • Improved Sleep

But there are ongoing clinical studies that continue to find more benefits.

Do The Chocolates Contain THC & Will I Feel High?

As mentioned above, CBD products must remove all but trace amounts of CBD to be legally sold. Most companies use the hemp plant leaves, flowers, and stems as the core ingredient for their CBD. The hemp plant is a particular range of species with a large number of industrial uses but the key thing is that hemp must have a very low amount of THC to be legally grown. Using the hemp extract simplifies the production process.

Can I Fail A Drug Test By Eating Full-Spectrum CBD Chocolate?

It is highly unlikely that you will fail a drug test due to taking CBD. There have been some anecdotal stories of professional athletes who have fallen victim to a poor quality CBD product in the past. We are happy to say that CBD production processes have become much better in the last 4 years along with governmental oversight. Whilst it is highly unlikely that any of our stocked range of chocolates will make you fail a test, you should use your best judgment.

Does CBD Infused Chocolate Taste Different?

Many people do not enjoy the earthy flavour of CBD made from hemp extract but the selection of chocolates we carry have done an admirable job of balancing the cocoa butter so you won’t taste the CBD in either our milk or dark chocolate varieties. Some of the more cost-efficient brands have a slightly different taste but most people won’t notice it.

Is CBD Chocolate Safe For Kids?

CBD in itself is safe for children but the issue would be controlling the dosage. Some of the brands we carry at CBDVillage, have a high level of Cannabidiol so we do not recommend it for children.

How Will CBD Chocolate Make Me Feel?

Cannabidiol chocolate is a delicious treat that marries the sweet taste of chocolate and it’s cocoa butter with CBD’s calming properties and we are sure you’ll enjoy it. Whether it’s after dinner to destress after a hectic day or as a mid-afternoon nibble with a coffee, you’ll enjoy all the positive calming benefits of CBD.

Can I Take Too Much CBD Chocolate?

There are no cases of anyone overdosing or having adverse effects from taking a lot of CBD. You can rest assured that this will not be an issue for you.

Is CBD Infused Chocolate Dairy-Free and Vegan-Friendly?

This entirely depends on the product and brand. Most CBD products source their ingredients from organic farms and use only natural products throughout the process but, you will have to check each CBD product individually to make sure to aligns with your principles and way of life.

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