Seizures can strike at any time and until very recently were widely misunderstood by most people, including the medical professionals who were tasked to treat them. But how might using CBD oil for seizures present a new possibility for the future? What can it do that other current treatments are unable?

These days we live in an improved society where things like seizures, though they still exist, are at least better understood and treatable. There are medications that doctors will prescribe called anti-seizure or anticonvulsant medication.

Conditions Will Vary

The type of anti-seizure medication you are prescribed will vary depending on your age, sex, and even the kind of seizures you have. But many of these medications have been known to leave patients feeling tired, dizzy, and in some cases, depressed.

With something as serious as epilepsy or seizures of any kind it’s important you understand the implications of any treatment option you choose. If in doubt about how to proceed it’s important to consult your family doctor or a medical professional.

Using CBD Oil for Seizures

We are learning these days though that there may be more effective medicine on the way for those who suffer from seizures. As recently as this year (2018), a study was published that showed the long-term efficacy of CBD. In a group of fifty-seven people ranging in ages from 1 year old to 20 years old, it was found that treatment with a CBD-enriched cannabis extract could significantly reduce the frequency of seizures.

This shows promise for the future in terms of how patients suffering from seizures can be treated. But you may not be aware that as far back as the 1800’s CBD was being used in conjunction with epileptic treatment. Even back then medical practitioners were aware that CBD was a powerful addition in the fight against seizures.

How to Use

There are a bunch of ways in which you can take CBD. There are capsules, vaporizers, and even balms. It seems though that many are turning to use CBD oil for seizures and it may possibly be the most effective. Using a tincture is one of the most simple and straightforward methods to take CBD.

As with any sort of new treatment, the important thing to remember as you begin using it is to take it slow. Start low and go slow should your mantra when approaching CBD.

It’s always best to consult with a medical professional before embarking on any new treatment option.

CBD is the Future

That study that was done so recently, however, it does have a precedent. There have been other explorations of the benefits of CBD with epilepsy. In 1980, there was a study done on the group of people, a mix of both healthy volunteers and chronic epileptic sufferers, to test whether or not CBD would have an effect. What they found then was pretty amazing.

Overall, none of the patients suffered from toxicity. A great sign for those that worry CBD may have an adverse effect on the body. Half of the epileptic patients found significant benefit in the CBD while three others showed partial improvement.


We’re seeing an increasing shift in focus today on CBD rather THC. While THC has its own benefits and advantages it is still illegal in many places. We can hope that over time this sort of legislation is gradually done away with but until then we must contend with what we know of the benefits of CBD oil for seizures.

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