On a Facebook forum recently, parents were discussing the benefits of giving fractious kids a “ CBD infused” hot chocolate drink to calm them down. Of course, one of the main issues to arise out of this conversation was not whether it worked but how safe it was to give children in the first place.

The legalisation of hemp and CBD oil over the last decade or so has naturally led to people exploring how it can help with a variety of conditions. There’s already a reasonable amount of evidence to suggest that it can reduce epileptic seizures in children. There also seems to be a growing online movement that sees CBD as a complementary treatment for autism – in the USA it’s led many parents to cross state lines to access the compound legally.

There have also been anecdotal accounts where CBD has helped calm down children with ADHD. One mother pointed to the fact that doctors had been attempting to medicate her child since he was very young but she resisted because of the side effects. After attempting a range of different natural remedies, she read about the potential of CBD and decided to try it. To her surprise it worked and calmed her child down.

The trouble with any anecdotal account, of course, is that it’s not subject to stringent research safeguards. There could be a variety of factors why the child became calmer. There’s the placebo effect for one – the simple act of giving someone a substance and telling them it will make them better.

There has been more official research done in recent times, however. One case study looked at how CBD affected a ten year old girl who was suffering from the effects of PTSD. While this is only a single example, they did find that using CBD helped to calm down the child’s anxiety and reduce her insomnia.

The question you may be asking is should you be giving CBD oil to your child if they are simply misbehaving? The answer is no.

In the first place, you won’t find many doctors who are willing to prescribe CBD for children wherever you are in the world – there’s simply not enough evidence at the moment to support its medical use in this way. Secondly, you need to be pretty sure of the product you are buying to give it to your child. While there are plenty of reputable CBD oil suppliers around, there are also some that are not as good. The industry, at the moment, is largely unregulated in most parts of the world where hemp or CBD oil is often classed as a nutritional supplement.

All kids play up once in a while. If your child has a condition like ADHD which a long term and damaging condition, you may be tempted to look at the benefits of CBD based solely on the anecdotal evidence that you can find online. Again, you should not be doing this without consulting your doctor first and getting sound medical advice. If you are at the end of your tether, making sure that you research and source any CBD from a reliable source is imperative.

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