Vapium Lite Review

Vapium Lite Kit Review

This review will be covering all of the various aspects of the herb vaporizer called the Vapium Lite so that consumers can make an informed decision on whether or not this is the best vaporizer for their needs.

Kit and Accessories

The Vapium Lite Vaporizer
USB-C charging cable
Water pipe adapter (14mm/18mm)
Extra air intake drawer
Cleaning brush
Integrated stirring tool


Only dry herb is consumed when you use the Vapium Lite.

Water Pipe Adapter

Although it is described as an affordable budget vaporizer that is designed for beginners to use, its water pipe adapter actually is a pretty advanced accessory. This is due to the fact that it is used for attaching glass water pipes onto the Vapium Lite. Although water pipes are intended for more advanced vapers, this adapter is a very interesting addition since a water pipe helps to cool the vapor down significantly just like the Hydrology 9.

However, adding this accessory seems to be contrary to the Vapium Lite’s design ethos, so many users probably will not take full advantage of it.

Optional Accessories

The Vapium Lite, like every other herb vape, benefits when the herb is ground into a very fine consistency. The SLX Grinder that will do exactly that.

Design and Features


The dimensions of the Vapium Lite are a bit over six inches in height with rounded edges that make it really easy to place in your pocket. It also features very large temperature control and power buttons, in addition to temperature settings that are clearly labelled, and both make it very easy to use the Lite. It even comes with haptic feedback, so you know the device has finished heating without even looking at it. These features help to make the Lite quite accessible to both beginner and veteran vapers alike.

Another thing that adds to the vaporizer’s ease of use, is its basic loading process that is helped by the raised rim on the part of the device that surrounds the herb chamber. The rim helps to prevent spills and helps to easily push stray herb inside the oven. It is among the numerous smart design decisions that make the Vapium Lite a very intuitive device to use. The Lite’s chamber is 0.33 grams, which is surprisingly large.

The Vapium Lite, when it comes to aesthetics, has a budget appearance. However, it isn’t ugly, just not very remarkable or memorable. Its labelled temperature settings help to contribute to this look. There are some people who might not like its simplicity while others won’t mind at all. The packing tool that is integrated into the device’s bottom is a thoughtful and nice feature. This convenient, practical, and nice touch is one you will not see even on vaporizers that are much more expensive. The coloured LED lights indicating each of the temperature settings are another nice detail that provides a bit of flair to the Vapium Lite.

The body of the vaporizer is made out of anodized aluminum, which makes it fairly touch. However, the water adapter and mouthpiece are both made out of plastic, helping contribute to the Vapium Lite’s low budget appearance.


There is a decent range of features offered by the Vapium Lite, which is definitely a nice surprise. The vaporizer’s integrated stirring tool and haptic feedback are the most significant features. The integrated stirring tool is especially nice since it gives you a convenient way for keeping the herb distributed evenly as you are vaping. There are just so many surprises with this Vapium Lite review. As I was using this I couldn’t help but think back to our Grasshopper vape review which was also a very surprising review.

How to use the Vapium Lite

1) Remove the mouthpiece so that the herb chamber is revealed.
2) Fill up the chamber with herbs and put the mouthpiece back in place.
3) Turn the device on by holding the power button down for three seconds.
4) Use the minus and plus buttons to choose the temperature.
5) After it finishes heating the device will start to vibrate.
6) Inhale directly from the mouthpiece.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It is very easy to clean the Lite. All you need for cleaning the herb chamber out after using it is the cleaning brush that is included. To clean the mouthpiece you just need to wipe it down every few sessions to keep it clean by using a cloth with isopropyl alcohol.

Vaporizer Vapor Quality And Performance

Vaporizer Performance

Depending on the specific temperature setting that is selected, the Vapium Lite can heat up in 30-40 seconds. For a portable vaporizer, that is a fairly good time, similar to the Atmos Jump Vape Pen or the Blackout X Vape Pen. Unfortunately, at higher temperatures, the mouthpiece can get very hot, which doesn’t provide users with the best vaping experience possible.

Vapor Quality

On the Lite’s lower and mid settings, you will receive some decent clouds from it, but not a lot of flavour. On higher settings, you get a lot more flavour. However, the vapor and mouthpiece will tend to get quite hot at those settings. That is because the oven is right under the mouthpiece which makes the airpath very short and does not give a lot of time for the vapor to really cool down.

Vapium Lite Kit Review

So unless you are planning to use the water pipe adapter, my recommendation is you avoid using the higher setting while you are vaping. Using a short mouthpiece to inhale is not a very comfortable vaping experience. It doesn’t completely ruin it, but it feels awkward. The quality of the vapor is never really bad, but it also isn’t great. It is strictly average.

Battery Performance

At 1100 mAh, the average capacity of the battery is smaller than average. It lasts only for around 4-6 sessions. If you read our Pax 3 review you know that that isn’t great. Even for this price range, it is below average but at least it comes with a USB-C cable so it only takes around an hour to charge the vaporizer.


So why not buy the Vapium Lite? For the price that it’s at its one hell of a deal. Right so, it wouldn’t be your go-to vaporizer but it will sure do the trick if your main vape is out of action for whatever reason. This Vapium Lite review was a very surprising experience. It showed that you can make a top-notch vaporizer while still selling it a very low price.