Utillian 721 Review

Utillian 721 Vape

The Utillian 720 first entered the UK market in early 2016. We loved that the vaporizer had an affordable price tag. But, one thing we did not like was the unit’s short battery life – it only slightly beats the battery life of the Crafty. Today, we managed to get hold of the updated Utillian vapour: the Utillian 721, which is advertised as having 15% greater battery life. The improved battery life of the unit easily elevates it above the Crafty, making the 721 vaporizer a great budget-friendly choice. So this is Vaporblogs Utillian 721 Review, let us know if we missed anything in the comments below!

Utillian 721 Pros

• Convection heating
• Value for money
• Large chamber
• Rechargeable via USB
• Long battery life
• Good airflow for great vapour production
• Magnetic cap

Utillian 721 Cons

• The rubber coating is not durable
• Harsh vapour on the maximum setting

Utillian 721 Vaporizer

Build Quality

Overall, the Utillian 721 is well built. It is constructed from high-grade components that have been well-machined and connect seamlessly. The unit’s shell is manufactured from anodised aluminium and has a rubberised finish for extra grip. In the hand, the vaporizer feels sturdy, while remaining portable and lightweight. The mouthpiece and unit top are both coated in heat-resistant plastic and they lock in place magnetically. While we’re not in love with the plastic mouthpiece, the 721 has proven itself to be durable during our tests and the plastic doesn’t seem to affect vapour taste too much. The digital LED temperature indication is bright and the unit’s power button is responsive.

Vapour Quality

The Utillian 721 makes use of convection heating technology. To learn more about the advantage of convection heating, check out our detailed article on the subject, here. Thanks to convection heating technology, the vapour is flavorful and smooth. Yes, in spite of the plastic cap, the vapour seems full of flavour.

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In contrast to other vaporizers, which often require a light sip on the unit for big vapour, the Utillian 721 does have a bit of draw resistance, enabling users to customize their inhalation experience with no impact on vapour quality. On an overall basis, we liked the vapour produced by the unit. It has 4 standard temperature settings as well as a boost mode, which increases base temperature settings by 5 degrees Celsius to provide better temperature flexibility. At the lowest temperature setting, the vapour produced is light, wispy and packed with flavour.

At higher temperature settings, herbs, such as cannabis, still have much flavour while foaming a think dense stream of vapour for a big hit. That said, we did feel the highest heat setting created harsh vapour with a noticeable deterioration of vape flavour. We would recommend reserving the max. temp. settings for CBD oil and wax.

Utillian 721 Vape Above View

Design Aesthetics

It’s not surprising that many see similarities between the Utillian 721 and the Crafty. They each have similar designs and profiles. The comparison is not bad as we do like the feel of the Crafty. What we enjoyed more about the Utillian 721, however, was the aluminium shell, which gave the device a sturdier feel than the Crafty’s plastic exterior. We would be more worried about dropping the crafty – since it’s plastic exterior is likely to crack – than the 721. Overall, the Utillian 721 is sleek, sturdy, minimalistic and perfectly sized for fitting in your palm or pocket.


The Utillian 721 can be easily hidden in your hand or concealed in a bag, purse, or pocket. Since the unit employs convection heating technology, herbs like cannabis are only cooked when you take a draw, meaning odour from the unit is minimized – the only source of smell comes from your exhales. At lower temperature settings, the vapour is very thin and quickly disperses in a room, making it hard for others in the room to detect.

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Ease of Use

Like the Utillian 420, the 721 model has a single button for operation, making use of it super simple. 5 rapid clicks turn the device on and it will always start heating up to the last pre-configured temperature setting. You double-tap the button to cycle between different temperature settings and holding the button down toggles the boost mode. As soon as the top LED stops blinking, you know the device is ready for use. The device has a 5-minute auto shut off to save battery life – just press the button 5 times in succession to resume your session.


As aforementioned, the Utillian 721 can be easily hidden in a bag or pocket, giving it great portability. The mouthpiece twists to lie flush with the main component for compact storing. The battery life of the Utillian 721 is around 90 minutes, which is twice as long as the battery life of the Crafty, giving the device a big advantage. You can feel confident going out for the day with the 721 without worrying about it drying out. The battery indicator is situated at the base of the device, so you can always tell how much charge is left when vaping away from a power source. The device features a USB charging port, so it’s easy to find a charging location if you find yourself running out of battery power.

ZEUS Iceborn Compatibility

The Utillian 721 is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn. For those unaware, the ZEUS Iceborn is an innovate vapour cooling system designed by ZEUSArsenal, a Canadian vape manufacturer. It is engineered to promote cooler draws and larger vapour clouds when linked to your vaporizer. Thanks to the ice-cooling, the vapour is ultra-crisp and smooth. And, unlike with water filtration vapour cooling systems, the ZEUS Iceborn won’t impact the efficiency of your vaporizer. Compatibility with the ZEUS Iceborn adds two points to the Utillian 721’s vapour quality score, as the Iceborn is a much-loved vaporizer accessory.

Zeus Iceborn

Final Verdict

We are delighted to say that Utillian has excelled themselves with the new 721 unit. The adoption of convection heating technology is appreciated and contributes directly to the impressive vapour quality from the device. While it’s not quite on par with the Prima or the Crafty, it’s certainly darn close, and given the unit’s lower price tag, you cannot go wrong. Furthermore, when comparing the Utillian 721 to the Crafty plus vaporizer, we are glad to see much longer battery from the device. The extended battery life really makes the Utillian 721 stand out as one of the best convection vaporizers in terms of value for money.