Planet of the Vapes ONE – Review


The Planet of the Vapes ONE vaporizer should look familiar to vape lovers because it is a badge-engineered version of the Fury 2. This means that it has been licensed, and tweaked, with the manufacturer adding their own spin to it.

This is a great vape at a budget price, offering a lot of the features that you would expect of an expensive vaporizer for less money.

Where Can You Buy the Planet of the Vapes ONE?

This vape retails for £113 at the Planet of the Vapes online store, but you can find it at many high street retailers and via online specialists as well.


A Detailed Review of Planet of the Vapes ONE


This is a well-made vape, with a great look and feel, a good screen, and low draw resistance. It’s let down in some areas, such as by the battery life, but it’s a good performer for its price range.

What’s in the Box?

Planet of the Vapes have not skimped on the kit here, you will find:

    • Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer
    • A glass mouthpiece
    • Cleaning brush and tweezers
    • Dosing capsule
    • USB cable for charging
    • Concentrate pad
    • Dab tool

You can use this for both wax and dry herbs.



This vape is very well made and produces high-quality vapor. The glass mouthpiece is a nice touch, producing a great taste. The stock mouthpiece is straight, and you have the choice of purchasing some other optional accessories, such as water bubblers of varying shapes that will cool the vapor down more, or a water pipe adapter. These can really add to the smoking experience and are reasonably priced.

The vape has a simple, boxy design, but it does have a nice temperature readout with battery info and session time info built-in. The readout can be flipped/moved so that you can see it regardless of how you are holding the vape.

Battery Life

The Planet of the Vapes ONE has a fairly short battery life, with it averaging just 30-40 minutes. This is less than most devices, but it is something that many users are willing to overlook because of the fast heating time and the relatively low draw resistance.

You can get six or more sessions out of the battery before you need to recharge it. Recharging takes about 90 minutes. Yes, the recharge period is longer than the usable life of the vape! Whether that’s a dealbreaker or not is up to you.


Many enthusiasts are willing to overlook the poor battery life because the vapor quality is so good, especially with the glass mouthpiece. There are better wax vapes out there but for dry herb, this is hard to beat. The glass mouthpiece adds a nice mouthfeel too.


The ONE stands up well when you compare it to other budget/mid-price vaporizers. It has a good feature set and it’s well made. The only thing that lets it down is the battery life. If you want something that feels great and doesn’t cost a lot, and you’re only an occasional vape user, this is the vape for you.