PAX 3 Basic Kit Vs. Complete Kit

Pax 3 Vape

PAX offers two devices of its PAX 3 vaporizer by way of two accessory kits. Those two options exactly match users with what they need in terms of their vaping style – with the best price that matches them. They offer their PAX 3 Complete Kit ( ‎£219.99) that comes with all of the bells and whistles that include the Concentrated Insert for those inclined to vape extracts and CBD e-liquids, and then a Basic Kit (£149.95) that has everything that you need for vaping dry herbs while on-the-go.

Please note: What we are referring to as the “Basic Kit,” is listed on the PAX website as “device only.” If you order a “Basic Kit” directly from us or a “Device Only” kit directly from PAX, you will be getting the same thing. It does come with everything that you need for vaping. Below you will find more details.


PAX 3 Complete Kit

When it comes to certain things being identical, actually the PAX 3 complete kit basically is the same thing as the PAX 3 initial release kit. It comes with the PAX 3, raised and flat mouthpieces, charger, half-pack lid, cleaning kit, 3 extra screens, concentrate insert and a multi-tool along with a new tweed carrying case £20 value) – in order to help prevent dings and scratches.

So if you would like to use your PAX 3 to vape concentrates in, then the obvious choice is the Complete Kit. For those who like the added value that comes with some useful extras or like to vape smaller loads, the PAX3 Complete Kit provides £100 in accessories for only £70 more than what the Basic Kit costs.  

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PAX 3 Basic Kit: The dry herb, low-cost option

The Pax 3 Basic Kit comes with fewer accessories but still provides all of the essentials and covers what most people will need. It comes with the PAX 3, raised and flat mouthpieces, a charger, and a cleaning kit. Compared to the Complete Kit, it costs £70 less. For a kit that costs £149.95, this is a great deal on a high-tech, ultra-portable performer.


Which one should I purchase?

Although the Basic Kit is lacking in some useful accessories that the Complete Kit provides, the concentrate insert is the most notable thing that is missing. The concentrate insert was newly added and wasn’t a feature of the Pax 2 and allow users to take gooier substances with them when they are on the go. On its own, it costs £50, so if you think you may need, you might want to spend an additional £50 and buy the Complete Kit to get the extra £50 in accessories for free basically.

On the other hand, if you prefer vaping concentrates out of a pen or are just a dry-herb vaper, then the Basic Kit at £149.95 is a great option for you.  I am a dry-herb only vaporist and the only accessories that I miss from the basic kit are the multi-tool and extra screens. If purchased separately they could only cost £20. However, if you are a dry-herb vaper and want the option for loading half packs or would like to have a carrying case, then the best option is the Complete Kit.