Fury 2 Vs Fierce Vaporizer – Which Is the Better Vape? 

fury vaporizer vs fierce vaporizer

It’s a battle between two great hybrid vaporizers by Healthy Rips, the Fury 2 versus the Fierce vaporizer.

It’s an interesting question and we will try to deliver the answer since the Fierce dry herb vaporizer has had lots of attention before it was launched and so there’s a lot of expectation surrounding it.
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Is it worth all the hype before launching? Probably. And here’s why:

Both portable vaporizer units come from Healthy Rips and the Fierce vaporizer offers a smart hybrid combination of conduction and convection heating. It also has a strong battery which will last twice as long as the Fury 2 on a single charge, delivering 120 minutes of use.
So, while there is certainly a lot to recommend it, and it’s been in development for some time, it’s up against the much admired and improved Fury 2, which is smaller and lighter than the newcomer.

At first sight the vaporizer do look similar but there big differences between two of the best vaporizers around right now.

Big Attraction of the Fierce

Fierce Vaporizer - VaporBlog

The big attraction for the Fierce is the ability to turn the temperature up to max because it uses lithium polymer batteries and not the standard 1860 batteries to help deliver a long vaping session.

The set-up means it is easy to replace the battery should there be an issue, rather than replacing the whole vaporizer unit. The replacement parts says Healthy Rips – are affordable and easily available.

The Fierce vaporizer offers a much-improved screen which is easier to read, it’s around twice the size of the original model. All the information needed, including temperature, battery life and session time that remains is easy to view and access.

However, looking under the surface, the Healthy Rips Fierce vaporizer is being promoted as a complex and technology-strong vaporizer because its baking chamber is around a third larger than that found in the Fury 2.

This new oven uses less conductive/radiant heat and will heat up more quickly and vaporise the herb more smoothly and evenly.

Fury 2’s Micro-USB Connection

The other big attraction for the Fierce is the ability to use new charging technology and it utilises a USB-C connection so charging is quick certainly more so than the Fury 2’s old-fashioned micro-USB connection.

The charge time using the USB-C connection is between 60 and 80 minutes and that’s from a dead battery to a full charge.

Perhaps the only issue with the USB-C connector is that you’ll need your cable to ensure you can connect the vaporizer to a charging point.

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There is no doubt that the manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to what appears to be a winning combination and along with its sleek good looks, the Fierce is offered with a new mouthpiece which is an all-glass unit with a magnetic slide on housing. There’s also a well-made plastic mouthpiece available which is easy-to-use with a smooth delivery of vapor.

However, it’s this glass mouthpiece that helps to reduce the bowl size and the pipe will fit directly into the oven so the convection is better. The glass mouthpiece should also be easier to maintain than a plastic one.

The Vaping Experience is Boosted

Fury 2 - VaporBlog

With the Fierce unit, the vaping experience is boosted because it is easy to draw and then deliver big clouds of vapor.

For those who are interested in either of these vaping units, then the Fierce has a better battery life with a quick recharge time, but it’s heavier than the Fury 2.

The screen also makes using the unit easier to monitor and operate, and the quick-heating time of fewer than 30 seconds will impress.

Regular users may also find that the glass stem will deliver a cool, delicious vapor to make for a relaxing vaping session.

For those who enjoy vaping, the Fierce will deliver a product to boost the experience while the Fury 2 offers an impressive, more traditional vaping experience.

To sum up: For many vapor lovers, the Fury 2 is user-friendly and is easy to load; you simply remove the mouthpiece which will reveal the chamber. The oven holds around 0.15 g of herb, though this will need to be finely ground to deliver high-quality vapor.

Alternatively, the Fierce offers an ideal solution for those wanting a vaping experience from a discreet, portable but powerful dry herb vaporizer. While it’s twice the size of the Fury 2, the components appear to be durable and strong. The mouthpiece slides off and the magnetic attachment keeps it in place when in use.


Essentially, while the two vapor units resemble each other, the differences between the Fierce and the Fury 2 are substantial with the Fierce vaporizer delivering a slightly better all-round experience.