The Ultimate Dynavap HydraVong Review

Dynavap HydraVong Vape

DynaVap is a well-regarded brand in the world of vaping and it has managed to release something unique to the market. Whether it’s the Dynavap M or the Omnivap they are always regarded as creating the amazing vapes. With the new HydraVong, they are demonstrating a willingness to continue their creativity and improve upon what they’ve already done.

New Design

It starts with the incredible design, which is still authentic DynaVap and really stands out from the crowd. It has the same nine-sided look as the NonaVong while offering a unique twist on its aesthetics. This is seen with the sides popping out just a little bit more and having a robust look to them. More impressive is the eye-catching twist to the body. As for the other end, it is similar to what the brand has always been known for including its wood taper, which works well with 14mm glass pieces.

Dynavap Hydravong

New Air Port

The old triangular air port has been replaced with a specialised slit. This is done for several reasons; primarily including being able to control airflow for effectively without even having to think about it. It is also great because it improves how strong the airflow is and how thick the vapor production is.

Robust Tips

With the HydraVong, it’s all about the darker tips and how much they stand out as soon as you pick it up.

It starts with the emphasis on increased airflow and that has a lot to do with these tips. They are double (if not more) the size of previous variations, making the change very noticeable. The HydraVong’s new tip is all about giving it a kick that is necessary due to the wider size and ensures the vapor production remains consistent. It’s not only easy to use with a bubbler, but you could argue that it’s a total necessity (because why wouldn’t you use one?!). If this is your first Dynavap then you better check out our Dynavap cleaning guide!


An Abundance of Options

There are several options available for those who want something that’s customised. This includes a Dark Wood and Light Wood design while offering a 14mm tapered mouthpiece or a spinning wood mouthpiece. For those going with the OmniVong Hydra XL, it’s possible to also get a metal mouthpiece for even more variety.