Arizer Solo 2 – Review

Arizer Solo 2

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Too Bulky To Fly Solo?

Offering outstanding performance in terms of flavor and cloud production, the Arizer Solo 2 has a lot going for it.

The Arizer Solo 2 is a perfect example of a high-quality vaporizer that has taking what made the original so great, and improved it even further. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing the Arizer Solo 2 as well as some of the issues that you might encounter.  

What Should You Know About The Solo 2?

There’s one issue with this Arizer vaporizer that we should tackle before we move on to anything else. Although it’s marked as being a portable vape, it’s quite large and bulky, making it a challenge to use on the move. While this won’t make or break the deal for anyone who prefers to vape in the privacy of their own home, it could be a deal breaker for anyone who wants or needs to vape while out and about.  

Nevertheless, the vapor quality and the long battery life are two excellent advantages of choosing this vaporizer, and if you prefer to enjoy your vaping experience at home alone (or even with friends), the Solo 2 could hit the spot. 

What can the Solo 2 offer you? Firstly, it couldn’t be easier to load or operate and this makes it an ideal choice for complete beginners who are trying out dry herb vaping for the first time. Made from durable and high quality materials, the Solo 2 requires minimal maintenance and is simple to clean, so anyone searching for a more low maintenance vape won’t be disappointed.  

As the third portable Arizer device, the Solo 2 boasts outstanding performance when compared to its older siblings, and thanks to its speedy heating times, its easy-read display and comprehensive temperature spectrum, it’s advantages outweigh the negative point of its bulky size. 

The Portability Problem

Apart from being just too large, heavy and bulky to fit in the average pocket, the Solo 2 has another problem which holds it back from being a truly portable device. The glass stem may help to improve the vapor flavor, but it hugely increases the chance of breakage, and if you’re thinking of using your vape while playing sports or participating in activities, you’d probably better forget it. That said, if you’re vaping at home, that won’t be an issue. 

Quality And Craftsmanship

Constructed to high standards, the Arizer Solo 2 exudes quality and craftsmanship. The components all fit flawlessly together while the bright easy-read display can be dimmed if and when required. The buttons all feel good to the touch and are highly responsive, and the outer shell boasts a beautiful brushed finish that resists damage without compromising on sleek aesthetics. 

Quality Vapor

The Solo 2 produces a flavorful, cool vapor and impressive clouds so you can make the most of your herbs. With improved airflow and accurate temperature controls, this vaporizer also has components made from borosilicate glass so there’s no chance of any unpleasant aftertaste. The aroma tube has a long air path for smoother vapor and with a powerful heater and a lower draw resistance, the vape experience is outstanding. 

How Long Will The Battery Last 

Probably the very best feature of this device is its epically long battery life – a full 3 hours if the battery is fully charged. That is one of the longest battery lives out there, and that allows vapers to enjoy as many as 17 sessions of pleasurable vaping before the battery needs charging up again. Charging to full from empty takes around three hours, but since pass-through charging is a possibility there’s a maximum 10 minutes downtime – which should be fine for even the most demanding vaper. 

Discretion In The Home

While the Arizer Solo 2 might not be very discreet for use in public, it passes as a standard aromatherapy vaporizer device in the home. That means that it can happily sit there in your front room without attracting any undue attention. 

Should I Buy The Arizer Solo 2?

This Arizer vaporizer has a lot of advantages, not least for heavier vapers. The long battery life is a huge selling point for anyone who wants to minimize their downtime, and the outstanding vapor quality and cloud production puts the Arizer Solo 2 in a class of its own. On the other hand, for anyone who prefers to vape on the go, this is definitely not the right device. Its bulk, weight and size make it unsuitable for anything but in-home vaping.

That said, with its low maintenance functionality, its low price tag and its user-friendly approach to vaping, it could be the ideal first dry herb vaping device for novices who are keen to choose a long lasting and durable device that promises an outstanding experience.