10 Best Dry Herb Vapes In The UK 2019

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The Best Dry Herb Vapes In The UK

As cannabis use becomes more common in the UK, there are a lot more people looking at dry herb vaporizers as an alternative to smoking. Of course, before you look at the best dry herb vaporizers UK , you need to know more about these devices and why they are something you should be considering.

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

If your a regular vape enthusiast, this part doesn’t concern you, we know you already know everything there is to do with vaping. However, if your a beginner and looking to make the move to vaping your herb we have you covered. As the name suggests, a dry herb vaporizer is a device which uses heat to vaporize the essential oils found in cannabis and other dry herbs.  They will have a small chamber which works as the oven. All you need to do is fill this chamber with your herbs and turn the device on.

The vaporizer will heat up the chamber to a pre-set temperature which is usually in the range of 180 to 210 Celsius.  This heat starts to boil the oils that are within the plant which will start to vaporize. You can then inhale the vapour through the mouthpiece of the device.

The essential oils found in cannabis are where the cannabinoids will be located.  All of the other beneficial compounds in the plant will also be found in the oils.

Most of the dry herb vaporizers on the market are battery powered.  However, you can find some that require a torch lighter to work and others that are mechanical.  The vaporizers can be portable and small or they could be so big they need to sit on a table and not move.  The style, features and price will vary widely depending on the device you look at.

How Are Vaporizers Healthier Than Smoking?

While there is little evidence that cannabis smoke causes lung cancer or any other irreversible lung damage, you cannot deny that when you buy cannabis the burning gives off harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide.  When you use a dry herb vaporizer, the plant matter will never combust because the heat is too low. This means that there are no harmful chemicals being produced and you will only be inhaling vaporized essential oils.

A recent study also found that vaporizing cannabis will result in greater THC absorption into the bloodstream. This means that you will be getting a more powerful high when you use these devices.

The 10 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers In The UK

Firefly 2 VaporizerFirefly 2

If you are looking for a device that offers everything you need in a dry herb vaporizer, the Firefly 2 is a great choice.  The device is small, takes just 3 seconds to heat and is very easy to maintain. It also uses a special convection system which enables the device to extract a lot of flavour from the herbs.  There is also a cooling borosilicate glass path for vapour and you can use the device with concentrates.

Six separate heat settings are offered by the Firefly 2. There is one setting that is used for concentrates and five settings are used for dry herbs. The Firefly 2 reaches 204 degrees Celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit) in three seconds and 215 degrees Celsius (420 degrees Fahrenheit) in five seconds. An application is available for the Firefly 2 that is available for both Android and iOS which connects via Bluetooth to the Firefly 2.  The app allows you to change various unit settings, check the battery life, and change the temperature.

Dynavap M 2018 Edition – (Best Cheap Vaporizer UK)

DynaVap - best cheap vaporizer uk

Once you get used to this vaporizer, you will find that is great to use.  It does not run on batteries and will be heated with a torch lighter.   This vaporizer is very similar to traditional smoking which makes it very easy to switch from smoking to vaporizing.

Great vapour is something that always impresses us, and the M Vaporizer in the DynaVap sets a very high standard for manual vapes. It can produce the perfect vapour right away, without any learning curve that was needed with the early manual vapes such as the Vapor Genie. Many manual vapes require the timing and heat to be carefully managed to ensure the ideal hit. However, the M has a special trick. When it reaches the proper temperature, there is a metal thermostat inside of it that makes an audible clicking sound to inform you that it is time to vape. It also makes a sound when it drops under the ideal vaping temperature.

Volcano Digit - Vapor BlogVolcano Digit

When you look at the Volcano Digit, you will see that it’s an impressive piece of kit by Storz & Bickel.  The device will sit on your desktop and instead of inhaling the vapour directly, you will be filling large bags which you then suck on.  This vaporizer is one of the most reliable on the market and it is very well-known. Health Canada has approved this vaporizer for medical cannabis use and it is the only device to get this approval.

This unit is built very well and produces high vapour quality (density, temperature, taste) and is very easy to use. It takes a couple of minutes to heat up. However, I have run it almost every day over the past five years and it works just as good as new still.

The Solid Valve is comprised of heat-resistant plastic and durable high-quality stainless steel. Customizable balloon sizes are also offered by the solid valve.

The Easy Valve system features a maintenance-free design. One balloon size is offered. A great advantage is that the easy valve will save you a lot of time due to not having to clean it. However, balloon costs will run around $25-50 per year.

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo II VaporizerThe Arizer Solo 2 is made by Arizer vaporizers and it is one of the best dry herb vaporizers in the UK in terms of vapour quality.  Once you have loaded this device up, you need to get ready for some tasty and huge clouds with every draw. The battery life of the device is also very impressive with approximately 15 to 20 sessions per charge which is much more than other models.

The Solo 2’s least appealing feature is its overall size. Although it will fit into your pocket, I prefer to use it at home while watching a movie or out on my deck. It is slimmer compared to the OG Sole but weighs more. The slimmer body does feel a lot better in the pocket, with everything fitting together quite nicely. It has a very bright display that is easy to read. You can dim it if necessary. The buttons are very responsive and feel nice. It is a quality made vaporizer offered by a quality company. Its outer shell features a brushed finish that appears to be quite resistant to scratching.

Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty VaporizerAnother device made by the popular brand Storz & Bickel, the Crafty vaporizer is one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the UK market.  The device is discreet and very portable while still proving amazing vapour. The device heats up quickly, has a long-lasting battery and is very simple to use making it ideal for beginners.

The Crafty chamber holds around .25 grams worth of dry herb. When a super fine grinder is used you can get up to .30 grams, but if the chamber is over packed it will also increase its draw resistance.

The Crafty is among the most consistent of all of the portable vaporizers that I have used. I am able to pack it full-pack, half-pack, tight, or loose and get the same excellent results each time. Many vapes work well only with a full chamber, so it is nice that Crafty works well with partial loads also.

V2 Pro 7

V2 Pro Series 3 Magnetic Cartridge

This is a very good device for the price.  It comes with 3 pre-set temperatures, will heat up quickly and offers reliable quality clouds with each draw.  The battery can last a good number of sessions as well. There are also attachments that you can use to allow the device to run with concentrates and e-liquids. This vaporizer is very pocketable. It is the right size for gripping easily and throwing in your pocket. It is around 1.75 inches taller than the Pax 2 and around .75 inches wider. So it isn’t the smallest vaporizer but is easy to conceal still.  The V2 Pro Series 7 has exact dimensions of 1 inch deep, 1 3/8 inches wide and 5 /18 inches tall. With its dry herb cartridge, it weighs 111 grams. In comparison, the weight of the TI Grasshopper is 55 grams, the Haze V3 is 198 grams, the Firefly 2 is 140 grams, and the Pax 2 is 90 grams.

Boundless Tera

If you are looking for an extremely portable vaporizer, this is the one for you.  The device features a hybrid convection heating systems which offers some precision control for a high-quality experience with herbs and extracts.  The batteries are removable and when they are both fully charges, you can easily take your device on a long trip. The heat up time is less than a minute.

This is a well-design portable convection vaporizer to use with both wax concentrates and herbs. The solid and ergonomic build of the vape feels great in the hand, especially when you consider its size. It is a chunky device but does hold 2 x 18650 batteries to make up for it. The Tera features a metal body that is encased in plastic, has a basic digital screen, and nice rubber coating. Three controls control it, with two on the side to change the temperature and to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The fire button is located on the front, with five clicks for turning the device off and on. To start heating hold on the button for 3 seconds.


PAX 3 Vaporizer

The newest device from PAX labs, the PAX 3 has become the flagship model.  The device is ideal for flower and concentrates, offers a large chamber and will heat up quickly.  The most important feature is the thick clouds of vapour that it produces that are packed with flavour.  There are a lot of reasons why the PAX 3 is one of the most popular vaporizers in the UK market.

The Pax 3 looks very stealthy out of the box. However after use, it can be smelly (especially when the oven isn’t emptied after your vaping session), so if you need to be really discreet about the smell, then I recommend that you get the Pax 2 End Caps from Delta 3d Studios for less than $3 to conceal any excess smell.

The very first thing that you will notice after you get a new Pax vaporizer is its matte finish. It feels great in your hand, is more resistant to scratches, and I think it looks nicer than the Pax 2’s transverse brushed finish.

Boundless CF

Boundless CFX VaporizerIf you are looking for a device that is affordable, easy to use and easy to maintain without compromising on vapour quality and performance, the Boundless CF is right for you.  This is a pocket-size vaporizer which offers a large chamber. The heating time is around 20 seconds and it is one of the best for any beginner.

This vaporizer comes with a packing tool, cleaning brush, wax/concentrate pod, USB charging cable, and a user manual. For vapes within this price range, those are fairly standard accessories.

The vaporizer offers a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and the battery has a one-year warranty. Also, Boundless ill replace the battery for $25 after the warranty expires. That is a good warranty consider the vape costs less than $150. You will not get the entire full temperature spectrum that you do with the CFS, however, there are five presets that start at 180 Celsius (355 Degrees Fahrenheit) and jump up 15-degree intervals and end at 213 Celsius (415 Degress Fahrenheit).

DaVinci IQ

DaVinci IQ VaporizerThe DaVinci IQ was released at the end of 2016 and dry herb vapers around the world rejoiced.  This is a very cool device which is compact, discreet and comes with a long-lasting battery. One of the most beloved features of the device is the ceramic zirconia vapour route which produces flavourful and fresh vapour.

The IQ allows you to choose a precise temperature and it is maintained for your entire 10-minute session. It can be changed at any time. To turn the precision mode on, tap one time on the top button, and then press on the up and down button in order to set the temperature you desire.

When holding the top button down, the boost mode is activated. The heater also is engaged at full tile. The up arrows appearing on the front let you know that it is heating up. Then the heater slowly works up to a maximum of 420 degrees as long as you keep holding the button. When you let off then the temperature will drop down again to its previous setting. That can help you get a bit of extra juice from a draw.

Honourable Mentions

G Pen EliteG Pen Elite

There’s a lot to like about what the GPenElite brings to the table and there’s a good reason it almost made the list. Right off the bat, the LED display is fantastic, as is the ability to adjust the temperature as you see fit. This is easy to read and operate. It is also extremely precise. While those are good features, there are others that are just as impressive. One example would be how quickly it can heat up. Need to get up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit? That will only take 30 seconds, at the most. That is impressive power that comes from such a small lightweight item. A mere 4.5 inches in height and weighing a mere 88 grams, it packs a lot into a small package.

So why didn’t it make the list? There is one really obvious issue and that’s the need to spend time burning off to get rid of the “new vape” smell (and even worse, taste). The vapor path is short and you will want to pay special attention to the need to click it multiple times to turn it on or off. The automatic heat up doesn’t apply to this particular model. That makes sense to avoid accidents but doesn’t make it any less inconvenient. This combination of issues is why a very good vape device could not quite get over the hump to make our main list but make no mistake: it’s still a solid choice.

Grasshopper VaporizerGrasshopper Vaporizer

One thing that stands out immediately about the grasshopper is that the craftsmanship is outstanding. This unit feels great, the clicker is nice, and you can tell some serious quality work was put into the design and execution of those design plans. The exact dimensions are 5.6 inches of length with a slender .55 inches in diameter. Beautifully executed design. Available in either stainless steel or titanium, there are slight differences depending on which direction you go. The titanium is the lighter weight at 56 grams, though the stainless steel option is hardly more bulky at a mere 65 grams on its own.

The Grasshopper Vaporizer is incredibly powerful using a 45w heater output and that means that this model can heat up in a mere five seconds. That is fast. A good sized chamber is another nice feature though you will want to keep a few extra batteries on hand as charging can take some time.

Mighty VaporizerMighty vaporizer

The Mighty is an interesting choice because it is kind of a hybrid. Sometimes compared to the Crafty, the Mighty comes inaccurately labelled portable hybrid convection vaporizers. While the way they work are similar, these are much larger. In fact, the Mighty is about twice as big as a Crafty, and there are certainly some benefits to that like also featuring double the average battery life. Not a bad trade-off for sure, and in fairness some people prefer larger models to smaller ones. For those of us with bigger hands, it makes sense. True to its name, the Mighty is currently one of the biggest portable vapes on the market.

In addition to that, the Mighty Vaporizer has a reputation for being really consistent and that is something I’ve found true in my own experiences using it, as well. Using both conduction and convection for heating, the vapor tends to be tasty, dense, and very consistent when using this particular model. It is possible to really go through an entire bowl in very few draws, bringing in a full thickness of flavor that is difficult to consistently accomplish with many of the options out there. Best of all, this is a very easy vape to use that takes care of automatically heating up, showing both actual and default temperatures, as well as current battery life. That’s a lot of handy information to get right off the bat.