Susan Sarandon Cannabis legalization Advocate

Susan Sarandon’s Lifelong Marijuana Use

Throughout her expansive career, Susan Sarandon has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of female narratives on screen.  In a career spanning almost fifty years, Sarandon has played a nun, an outlaw, a prostitute, and even a witch – among dozens of other roles. From […]
CBD Tampons - Can They Reduce Menstrual Pain?

CBD Tampons – What Are They?

What Are CBD Tampons? Recent findings show that period pain can be as painful as a heart attack – something women have been saying for years. Period pain can range from a dull ache which can make certain activities and clothing uncomfortable, to full […]
Hemp Clothing: How It's Made

Hemp Clothing: How It’s Made

What do George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson have in common? Yes, they were all well-known early US presidents, but more importantly for us, they all farmed hemp! They shared this occupation with the pilgrim fathers, European […]