CBD & Cool Mom Syndrome

CBD & Cool Mom Syndrome

Your Favourite Moms Are Entering The CBD Oil World Or Milfs. If you’re crude. Or of a certain decade. I’m not going to spell out the acronym. Gwnyeth Paltrow, love her or hate her represents a certain kind of chic, […]
Here's Why You Should be Treating Yourself to a CBD Massage

Here’s Why You Should Treat Yourself to a CBD Massage

Why a CBD Massage is the perfect way to look after yourself Yes, CBD massages are a thing and they are dope. Every once in a while, we all need a bit of relaxation and ‘me time’. Massage therapy involves […]
Eco-Friendly House

Can You Build a House Out of Hemp?

Building a House Out of Hemp Hemp seems to have limitless uses. You can eat it, wear it, put it in your fuel tank, make your car out of it, make it into a rope, and you can even feed […]
Why does Michael J Fox use CBD? 

Why does Michael J Fox use CBD? 

CBD & Parkinson’s Disease Canadian-American actor Michael J Fox is best known for his portrayal as Marty McFly in the Back To The Future trilogy, but is now semi-retired. Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease aged just 29, Fox began to […]
Football players - CBD Village

How Footballers Can Use CBD

There’s a big global football tournament happening this summer, it’s the Olympics of soccer. We, however, are not allowed to directly reference it due to the fact that it is a copyrighted term. This unnameable football event is pretty much […]
How to Keep On Your Work Out Diet

How to Stick to Your Work Out Diet

One of the most important parts of getting in shape or maintaining your workout regime is sticking to your diet plan. A common adage is that a six-pack isn’t made in the gym, it’s made in the kitchen. Of course, […]
CBD for cows

Giving CBD to Farm Animals to Improve their Taste? 

Look away, vegans! The use of CBD oil among humans is blossoming in popularity as attitudes and education grows. However, the usage of CBD oil on animals is still a developing area, and one where thorough clinical studies have yet […]
Father's Day Blog - Sunday

Dank Dads: The Middle-Aged Men Who Love Cannabis

Pop culture likes to paint the typical cannabis fan as somewhere between their mid and late twenties, a bit scruffy, a bit out of shape and laid back. Understandably this has colored a lot of people’s moral perception, too. However, […]
Matt Barnes: Cannabis and Sports

Matt Barnes: Cannabis and Sports 

NBA player Matt Barnes played professional basketball for 15 years and in 2017, won an NBA Championship playing for the Golden State Warriors. However, it wasn’t until he retired and left the game that he really began to hit the headlines: […]
CBD Infused Coffee London

CBD Coffee: An Analysis

It’s a well-known fact that most people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. In fact, according to a survey done by USA Today, an approximate 83% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. So, there is a good chance […]