CBD For Insomnia

Can Hemp Help You Sleep?

Is Hemp the Key to a Good Night’s Sleep? As many as sixteen million UK adults claim to suffer from sleepless nights and suffer with insomnia, that’s a massive third of the UK adult population. There is nothing worse than […]
Biodegradable hemp plastic should be everywhere

Why Biodegradable Hemp Plastic Should Be Everywhere 

Could Hemp Plastic Be The Solution To Plastic Pollution? The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of hemp is the plant… and not plastics. Yet among hemp’s numerous uses and applications, it can be used to […]
The History of Hemp 1 - Food and Fiber

The History of Hemp 1 – Food and Fibre

There aren’t many plants that have as many uses, or as long a history, as hemp – known to science as Cannabis sativa. Domestication Hemp and humans have coexisted for over ten thousand years. In ancient China and Japan, hemp […]
Industrial Hemp Plant Products

Three Things You Don’t Know About Industrial Hemp

Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants in the Northern Hemisphere and the term ‘industrial hemp’ refers to the production and cultivation of the plant for industrial and commercial uses. Hemp itself is a strain of the cannabis sativa […]