The History of Hemp 2 – Medicine

The History of Hemp 2 – Medicine

Ancient China According to Chinese folklore, the healing powers of hemp were first discovered by an early emperor – Shen Nung. He is said to have lived in the early third century BC – around the year 2700 BC. Although […]
Vaping vs Smoking What You Need To Know

Vaping vs Smoking | What You Need To Know

In recent years, you may have seen people vaping as you go about your day. Vapes and e-cigarettes have soared in popularity since they were invented in 2004. They are used as a substitute for tobacco smoking, as well as […]
CBD Hemp Oil And Its Advantages

Extracting CBD Oil From Hemp

Many compounds are found in the hemp plant and some have effects that are psychoactive. However, and this usually comes as a surprise to people, the cannabis plant also contains compounds that do not have adverse consequences. CBD is one […]
What is Hemp Oil

What Is Hemp Oil?

The Origin Of Hemp Oil Hemp, or Cannabis sativa, is a plant native to central Asia, ranging in the wild from Northern India and Nepal to eastern Turkey. It has been cultivated for its strong fibres, edible seeds, and medicinal […]
How to use CBD Hemp Oil Properly

How To Use CBD/Hemp Oil Properly

CBD & Hemp Oil Hemp oil is an oil extracted from the plant Cannabis sativa. This plant has a natural distribution across central Asia from the eastern Mediterranean region, across Western Asia and into Pakistan, Nepal and Northern India. CBD […]