Five Best Gifts For Father's Day

(At Least) Five Great Gifts For Father’s Day

1.  BBQ Steamer Brush If your dad is anything like mine, he likes to eat food. And more than any kind of food, he likes barbecue. Most of the fathers I know won’t pass up on a chance to showcase […]
Vaping vs Smoking What You Need To Know

Vaping vs Smoking | What You Need To Know

In recent years, you may have seen people vaping as you go about your day. Vapes and e-cigarettes have soared in popularity since they were invented in 2004. They are used as a substitute for tobacco smoking, as well as […]
Montel Williams CBD Scam-min

What Happened With The Montel Williams CBD Scam?

Montel Williams CBD Montel WIlliams, actor, tv personality, and talk show host has found himself the centre of a scam. He has received dozens of complaints recently, surrounding his line of cannabis oil products. Mr.Williams feels that these complaints are […]
Texas and CBD - The Oil They Tried to Foil

Texas and CBD – The Oil They Tried to Foil

In a move that for obvious reasons has gained widespread criticism from those in the CBD community, inspectors from the Texas Department of State Health Services could begin to confiscate any food or drink that contains CBD. The Texas health […]
The Cannabis Industry Boom

Money is Green: The Cannabis Industry Boom

By 2030, the cannabis industry in the USA may grow to outsell the soft drinks industry. This is down to the astronomical growth the industry is experiencing in the wake of wide legalisation, combined with the cultural shift away from […]
Where to Buy CBD OIl

In Which Countries Can You Buy CBD Oil?

Is CBD Legal In Your Country? Today the world is in flux, more and more people want to buy CBD oil in the UK as CBD goes mainstream. But governments and laws are unfortunately a little slow on the uptake. […]